Monday, 4 July 2016

Carmen's poem about ...

Today I wrote a poem about ... try to guess the person
Hope you enjoy my poem.


  1. Does anyone know who this person is?

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  4. Hi Carmen,
    Love your poem about Mrs Parker thanks for taking my advice when I told you she is sweet as a candy:)
    Maybe next time you could use the word because instead of cause.
    Curie C

  5. Cool thanks for your feedback Next time I will use the word because not cause

    Carmen .A.<::>

  6. Hi Carmen
    Although you could not use any personification because it was about a person I loved how you used animals as how she could be feeling and how you think she could be in different emotions. My favourite part about your amazing poem was that when you said you're a monkey with jokes and that could like mean since monkeys are hilarious that could mean she is very hilarious.

  7. Hi Carmen
    What a lovely idea to use images to conjure up feelings about this person. This person is also a magician, as she is able to make things appear differently and in different guises, so you have to think harder.