Thursday, 21 July 2016

Famous NZ Landmarks

L&P bottle in Paeroa.
This is a large bottle of an L&P bottle which is a soft drink that is made in Paeroa from the springs and mixed with lemon.  It is famous because it is very large and unique.  Tourists like to take pictures of themselves with it.

One Tree Hill in Mt Eden, Auckland.
This is the name of the mountain in Mt Eden.  It used to have one tree on top but it was cut down in a protest.  It is a landmark because many people visit it and look at the views from the top.  When you go to the obelisk on the top there are templates with descriptions of Maori ancestors.

Maori Warrior statue by the Auckland Ferry terminal
This was made in 1967.  It is a maori warrior wearing a long cloak.  It is made of bronze and is meant to represent peace and the maori people.

By Charlie

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    I think that you have chosen three really good examples of famous landmarks in New Zealand. Certainly, One Tree Hill and the L&P bottle in Paeroa are frequently shown on television and in international advertisements that promote tourism in New Zealand. I can vividly remember standing on a roadside in Tokyo one day and watching a huge truck drive past that had the words, 'Pure New Zealand' and a picture of One Tree Hill on the side. It was amazing!

    I also think that the Maori statue by the ferry terminal is quite stunning. My son, Aronui, is part Maori and he loves to take me to special places around Auckland that recognise and celebrate his culture. Thanks for including it in the list!

    Keep up the great work, Charlie.

    Cheers, Rachel :)