Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 5 activity one Eddie The eagle

ere is my summary of Eddie the eagle. Hope you  enjoy 😁

Eddie had wanted to be an athlete or Olympian since he was very young.  He started holding his breath in the bath tub and jumping over obstacle courses but not many of them he could do.  He never got the professional perspective of it because his parents never believed in him and said he would never be an Olympian.  As he got older he realized that he didn’t want to go to the Olympics he wanted to go the winter Olympics.  So he started doing ski jumping when he got older.  On his first time on the big slope he doesn’t do it and he ends up rolling down the hill.  This guy comes and he says shouldn’t you be jumping when you are at least 5 or 6 years old?  Then Eddie says how do you know about it?  Then it skips to a part where he finds out the man used to be a professional ski jumper.  Then he says “why have I never heard of him?”    It turns out he got kicked out because he was disrespectful of the sport.

Then Eddie is on the slope for the second time.  He says to the people behind him ” can you give me push?”  They push him and he goes down and he jumps and crashes and ends up in hospital and breaks his neck. When he has his neck cast of the other man is sitting with him and he asks him if he's going to give but Eddie says no and gets out of the hospital bed. In the next bit it shows him where he is getting put down and when people are encouraging him.then it shows him training with the other man and having fun.Then it shows him getting ready for the real competition and last of all it shows him going down the slope and then he jumps the tv narrator says “can he do it”and then the screen blacked out to end the trailer.

By Charlie  

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