Sunday, 10 July 2016

Weekly activity Why there is no girls allowed to play rugby world cup by Ashleigh

I think there is no women allowed to play rugby world cup because the men stronger than women so they think the men are better then the women.

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  1. This is true, physically men have more strength than women. However, using my learner quality of wonder, I wonder why there isn't a Women's tournament, where women play only women. Would that be fair?

  2. Hi Ashleigh and Mrs Parker,

    I really love to see that you have been chatting about the fact that there are certain sporting events where girls/women are not invited to participate. This was most definitely the case during the ancient Olympic games when women were not permitted to participate or, in most cases, to even watch the Olympic events. This rule raises a lot of questions about fairness and equality. Like Mrs. Parker, it also makes me wonder why there wasn't a Women's Olympic tournament in ancient times or why there isn't a Rugby World Cup dedicated strictly to women. I think that that would be a great idea!

    In fact, some of my best (girl) friends used to play rugby when we were in university and I am sure that they would have welcomed the opportunity to compete in an international competition. It would have been a dream come true!

    Thanks to both of you for your thoughtful comments. I hope that you'll continue blogging with us, Ashleigh. It's so much fun to read your posts!

    Cheers, Rachel