Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Shanya's Bonus activity - Wellington


The first thing that I saw at wellington was red rocks bay. They  had a track and a road where you could walk or drive, then as you walk there will be rocks that formed a gate. Then after the gate there are some seals but you can't touch them because they are wild seals.

The second place that I visited was the beehive. first was a security check then you had to wait at the visitors lounge and they had a gift shop inside for visitors. When our tour guide came we had a chat about what to do and what to not do. we went to all the parliament rooms. then once we were done we exited the building and went to some shops.


  1. Hi Shanya.

    I saw you writing about bullfighting. It did persuade me a little bit to be on your side. At first I thought that my writing would be strong enough to stick with that idea but you have proven me wrong. Good luck and see you next year.

    Keep it up

  2. Hi faith,

    Thanks for the comment, and I your writing did kind of persuade me too. Hopefully I see you next year.

    from, Shanya

  3. Wow Shanya! That sounds like an awesome experience!

    I used to live in Wellington, so I know the red rocks devils gate I think it was called. We went 4x4ing there one day with my Canadian friend. You're very right not to touch the seals, they can be surprisingly fast and dangerous, even on those pointy rocks.

    If you went again, would you like to check out Weta Workshop? It is a very interesting place that has helped make a lot of amazing movies, and they do tours to show you all the cool stuff they work on.

    Ka pai!


  4. HI Shanya!

    Wow! I love Wellington, and I like your writing about telling us how cool and beautiful Wellington is. I am very interesting about lots of country that I heaven't get chance to explore, so you can tell me more about it if you don't mind.