Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Carmen's science recount

Yesterday we tested out three awesome experiments in the hub for science week the whole hub contributed to the science. Mrs Parker did The fizz inflator Mr Stuart did Dancing raisins and
Whaea Nin did the Incredible Hoop glider. We went around in literacy groups. I will not explain the incredible hoop glider.  

Firstly we started off with the Fizz inflator with Mrs Parker. She carefully poured 1/2 cup of vinegar into a bottle with a tablespoon of baking soda in a balloon.  Next we Stretched the balloon over top of the bottle and gently tip the baking soda into liquid and   
The balloon will inflate with carbonic acid gas.
Next we poured some sugar water and a tablespoon of yeast in a bottle and put a balloon on the lid and left it in the sun. Eventually the yeast balloon will inflate.

Soon after the fizz inflator we found ourselves at Mr Stuart's rotation the dancing raisins. Well the raisins didn't  dance but that was okay. First we poured some soda into a clear plastic cup then added six raisins and waited for a long time and only one floated/danced.  :(   
Image result for dancing raisins

One more experiment to go the incredible hoop glider. First we made two circles with a small piece of paper and a large. After making the circles we glued the paper circles to a straw the large on the back and the small on the front.

What a fun day I wish our hub could do some more cool science experiments like this.

Curies Recount Orginizer

It was national New Zeland Science week and on tuesday we did three science expiriments together as a hub but in our literacy groups, Here is my recount about what we did on tuesday.
Terrific Science
This is my plan.
This is my recount.

On Tuesday the 17th of May 2016 Hub 8 did three science experiments in the hub and got to see and learn how the scientific stuff works. Because it was national science week.

Firstly, we all went in our literacy groups and we went with our literacy teachers first, At the fizz inflator with Mrs Parker we saw two balloons blow up in different ways without blowing it from our mouths the first one we used yeast, baking soda, castor sugar and an empty plastic bottle. Mrs Parker added all the ingredients in the empty bottle on the instruction it said to pour in warm water but Mrs Parker poured in cold water, Next Mrs Parker put a balloon over the bottle and left it on the bench on the window. We left it at the window to let the water get warmer and and after an hour the yeast in the water and gotten bigger and the balloon risen up. Finally it was time for the one with vinegar and baking soda everybody knew that this one would rise up fast and it did, we firstly added the vinegar into another empty bottle and we poured a teaspoon of baking soda into the balloon the last step was to put the balloon on the bottle and she did and all the baking soda poured down into the vinegar and as soon as possible the vinegar and baking soda raised up and the balloon blew up quickly and some of the vinegar got in the balloon.
Secondly, we moved to Mr Stuart and we did dancing raisins which sounded cool but at the end it turned out not so cool because we poured in the soda and we dropped in the raisins but they just sank immediately and did nothing. But then suddenly one came up for a few seconds then sank back down to the bottom of the cup which was very upsetting for our group.
Image result for dancing raisins
Thirdly, We 
went with Whaea Nin to do the amazing hoop glider which was fantastic we built our own amazing hoop glider out of straw and paper circles. Firstly we sticked a big circle out of paper strips and we had the choice of hot glueing the paper or sticking with tape. Next we did the same step only with a smaller circle. Fianally we got the straw and sticked it along with the circled strips of paper now its was time to test out our incredible hoop glider.We did a competition to see who's worked the furthest but it was windy so it was very difficult.
Image result for the amazing hoop glider

Charlie's Science Week Recount

This is my Recount on Science week.We Did Three Experiments 1. Fizz inflator  2. Dancing Rainsins 3. Hoop Glider. I Choose The Dancing Rainsins, Hope You Enjoy My Recount

I know what you're thinking I mean Dancing raisins How crazy, Anyway Hub 8 Did an experiment called dancing raisins.It's not too complicated mostly includes carbon dioxide and solid atoms . This Experiment unfortunately did not include an explosion but still caused an interesting reaction.

Firstly we got a cup but it had to be a clear plastic cup.we used a flexible clear plastic cup. We could have used lemonade but instead we used soda water mostly because it was cheaper to buy. When we poured the soda water in it then started to fizz then the bubbles were created.

Next it was time for the raisins. We plopped them in one by one. At first they floated then after about ten seconds they sank.
Then after another minute one by one each raisin with a very slow procedure the raisins would each get covered in bubbles then when there was enough bubbles to lift the raisins the raisins would float up to the top then the bubbles holding the raisin would pop and the the raisin  would sink down again.
This would just going on and on until all the bubbles had disappeared.

I Learned that carbon dioxide is the fizz in soda water and that the carbon dioxide creates the bubbles in soda water. When there was enough bubbles connected to one raisin the bubbles would lift the raisin to the surface and then when the bubbles got to the top they would pop, meaning that the Raisins would sink back to the bottom of the cup.    

Doing this experiment I Learned a lot of things but the one thing that interested me was how the bubbles floated.The Raisins Floated because of the carbon dioxide AKA The Bubbles had connected to raisins and there was enough air to lift the raisins up and when the bubbles got to the top they popped and the raisins would sink back down  to the bottom of the cup.   

Faiths Recount about our science day:

This is about our science day on Tuesday 17th May 2016

At first hub 8 had to go to our rotations. My first rotation was in the wet space in hub 8. We learnt about carbon dioxide, the things that you use to make carbon dioxide (which is gas) you will need H2O ( Water ) yeast and baking soda. We used 2 bottles, one with yeast, H20 and sugar. We used them to also create carbon dioxide but with this experiment it only made the balloon inflate a little.

The way we made it was by putting all the ingredients in a bottle and quickly put a balloon on top and you will see that you will create air in your balloon. Choose one of your favourite science experiments. After that we had to rotate to our second rotation. My second rotation was about dancing raisins but the raisins weren’t alive and dancing but they were kind of like sizzling.

We used transparent soda/Lemonade. Instead we just used soda water because it was much more cheaper than lemonade or transparent soda. First you had to put your liquid in. Then the next thing you have to do is put your raisins in the cup. If you wait a little bit longer then you would see that the raisins will start fizzing and the bubbles will surround the raisins, if you dip your finger in then the bubbles will surround your finger.

Then we rotated again. Just before my group rotated we drank the soda water. I didn’t really like the soda water though. When I went to my last rotation I learnt about a circle plane. It turns out that when they were building planes back in the day they thought of a plane design that had no wings but it had circles on it. The way it worked was that the air in the 2 circles went through the smaller 2 circles causing the plane to keep up and fly straight.

These were the new things that I learnt and they were really fun. I hope that we do more of these experiment soon.

                                    The End

My science week

Mind blowing experiments !

On may the 17th 2016 Tuesday was science day and I was happy! The whole hub got to try out 3 experiments as we rotated around in our literacy groups.

Our first science experiment was the fizz inflator. The fizz inflator was the only one I have seen. We were mainly looking at how it formed, H20 (water) and c02 (Carbon dioxide).  For this project we were in groups of 3.

We used two ingredients which were vinegar and baking soda. We also had 2 objects which were a water bottle and a balloon. When we mixed up the vinegar and baking soda, together we put the balloon on top of the lid and the gas blew up the balloon.
Then the gas started to dissolve and the balloon was beginning to go down.

The second activity we did was the dancing raisins. The dancing raisins activity was easy to make. We were predicting about how it would look like after when we made it. We were in groups of 3 for this project.

For the dancing raisins we used raisins, soda water and a clear cup. When we put in the raisins with the soda water the bubbles started to come to it, then it started to go up and down. After that we got to taste the soda water and the raisins.

Finally our last science experiment was the hoop glider. The hoop glider was what scientist use to predict how planes would look like. The hoop glider can go far away, because when mr Stuart threw his one it nearly got stuck on a gap near the ceiling.

The hoop glider was made out of strong paper, cello tape, hot glue, and  a drinking straw. My hoop glider didn't go that far, because it wasn’t even. At the  end we got to have a competition of whose hoop glider would go the furthest. That was our last science experiment.

I thought that the dancing raisins would jump out of the cup and repeat  itself.  I felt really excited in the beginning to the end.

Friday, 13 May 2016

How to make a double waka by Faith

This shos how to make a double waka that you can have lots of fun with and have races with.

How to build a double waka by Carmen

Last week I learned how to build a double waka. I wrote do all the steps and got it checked. This is my procedural text.

How to build your own waka
                                                                                          2 Flax stalks
                                                                                       1 Glue gun
                                                                                               3 Kebab sticks
                                                                                    1 Paper
                                                                                 1 Adult
                                                                                                    loads of colouring pens
Displaying IMG_6646.JPG 1. Find your sticks and equipment.
Displaying IMG_6648.JPG 2. Cut one kebab stick in half. Then glue the sticks on the bottom of your stalk.
Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 12.42.11 PM.png3. Almost bend another kebab stick half.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 at 12.48.05 PM.pngGlue it on the side of your waka.

screenshot.jpgDesign a cool sail and glue it onto the bent kebab stick.

Maya and Charlies collaborative how to make a double waka

This is our procedural text on how to make a double waka.
We learned that in procedural writing your instructions need to be really obvious. You need to write in second or third person and present tense. We found it difficult to write in second person and also our communication in writing this together wasn't always the best.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pativai's How To Make A Double Waka

Equipment  :

  • Help from adult

  • Dry flower flax stalk

  • kebabs sticks
  • Scissors

  • Sticky tape or glue gun

  • Craft knife

  • A chopping board

  • Paper

  • Colouring pens

1 . Break off two dry flower flax stalk

2 . Have a adult cut it with an crafting knife into long pieces on an chopping board. This optional if you want to do this then shape the end of the flax stalk.

3 . Glue or push your kebab stick through both of the flax stalk to make the waka, if you are gluing it I prefer using an glue gun instead of tape. If you are pushing it through I prefer you can push it through only an little bit or if pushing it all the way, cut off the end. This will hold the waka together.

4 . Glue an kebab stick on each of the dry flower flax and push it so the ends meet to make an triangle.

5 . Draw an design on a paper for the sail then cut out and glue it onto the triangle for the sail.

6 . Test it out and see if your double waka can float.

I hope you can make your own double waka maybe with different equipment, instructions and maybe different designs for your sail and double waka.

Curies How to build your own double waka

This week we have been learning about procedural text and for concept we have been building our own waka's and we took all that we learned about making waka's and put it all into a procedural text with photos.
Two flax stalks
Two kebab sticks
Hot glue gun
A pencil
Colouring Pens

Pick up two dry flax stalks and kebab sticks.
Displaying IMG_6647.JPGDisplaying IMG_6646.JPG
Think about where you want to put your sticks.
Displaying IMG_6657.JPG
Glue your sticks on or in the stalk.
Displaying IMG_6648.JPG
Next draw your sail and colour it in.
Displaying IMG_6658.JPGDisplaying IMG_6667.JPG
The next step is to glue our sail on the kebab sticks.
Displaying IMG_6666.JPG
The last step is to leave the waka to dry then you are done.

How to make your own double waka By: Shanya

How to make your own double waka
Tools needed:
  • Dried up flax stalk
  • Adult (optional)
  • 3 kebab sticks
  • Hot glue gun(Optional)
  • Cardboard or paper
  • Things to decorate your sail
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife/Scissors
  • Paper puncher
  1. Take your flax stalk and divide it up into 2 equal pieces about 12 and a half cm  long.
May 5, 2016 2:20:05 PM.jpg
  1. With your craft knife, poke a hole on the inner side of your flax stalk one the top and bottom. These will make the base of your waka (adult is optional).
May 5, 2016 2:21:42 PM.jpg
  1. Repeat this with your other half of, your flax stalk.
  2. Get the kebab sticks and poke it in the holes you have made on one half of your flax stalk.
May 5, 2016 2:21:42 PM.jpg
  1. Now get your piece of paper and draw your sail. Decorate your sail so it can be unique and that you know it!
May 5, 2016 2:34:32 PM.jpg
  1. Cut it out with scissors, then get the paper puncher and punch out the bottom of your sail. Make sure it can go through your kebab sticks.
May 9, 2016 11:35:08 AM.jpg
  1. Put the holes of your sails through your kebab sticks.
May 9, 2016 11:36:31 AM.jpg
  1. Then put the end of your kebab sticks through the other half of the flax stalk (hot glue gun is optional).
Handy Hint: Use Hot glue gun to make it even stronger!
May 9, 2016 11:38:28 AM.jpg
  1. With your last kebab stick, poke a hole through the top of your waka (In line with the sail) diagonally then hot glue gun it to the top of your sail this will keep it up straight.
May 9, 2016 11:40:17 AM.jpg
  1. Repeat this with the other side of your waka.
May 9, 2016 11:41:44 AM.jpg
  1. Now try out your waka and see if it can float.