Thursday, 12 May 2016

Curies How to build your own double waka

This week we have been learning about procedural text and for concept we have been building our own waka's and we took all that we learned about making waka's and put it all into a procedural text with photos.
Two flax stalks
Two kebab sticks
Hot glue gun
A pencil
Colouring Pens

Pick up two dry flax stalks and kebab sticks.
Displaying IMG_6647.JPGDisplaying IMG_6646.JPG
Think about where you want to put your sticks.
Displaying IMG_6657.JPG
Glue your sticks on or in the stalk.
Displaying IMG_6648.JPG
Next draw your sail and colour it in.
Displaying IMG_6658.JPGDisplaying IMG_6667.JPG
The next step is to glue our sail on the kebab sticks.
Displaying IMG_6666.JPG
The last step is to leave the waka to dry then you are done.

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