Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pativai's Dear Diary

This is my dear diary writing about a man and his dog Sessor how they go to war.   

I was packing ready for war in flander’s field right away from friends and family. I brang along my awesome fluffy guard dog with me Sessor , we marched along in the big celebration in our represented soldier uniform having the hardest time of my life. Sessor and I jumped in the big green army van. We got in the camouflaged ark still wondering what would it be like after the war. Plot plot plot splashing the water in the air having to carry our heavy bags. Crash as the enemies shot away, splash splash men floating on water the lost of our men. The fog the dark clouds got us time to get to the trenches.

Having to see the horrible deaths of those men we lost. “Come on guys let's get ready we lost not that, much. We were lucky out there” as the captain said in an sad slouchy voice. We got to the trenches it was dark freezing like an dark cold freezer. I had an rest with Sessor curling up on me. The fur warmed me up having the morale feeling in my heart. Men watching out for the enemies.

Crumble crumble the men walking around in the trenches, making sure there were nothing suspicious in the trenches. Early in the morning it was dark with the rain splashing through the wet squishy ground. BOOM as the cannon went from the enemies it was like an firework show except this, firework can have people’s live end. We started to get guns ready boom boom the gun went flop as men went down we took them in an pile and started to shoot. Sessor stayed safe were all the other mascots were. (After the war) men lying in an pile the men who risked their lives for the country.

It was a tragedy having to see even mascots lying down resting their heads. Some men had to go to the nurses to heal them, so they wouldn't end their lives too some men laid their heads downs as the nurses could not do anything else. Sessor got released and he was still alive except he was limping he had an plaster around his leg I was still happy to see Sessor again. Sessor and I went in the ark and went home, Sessor was excited he was barking with joy all the men that survived were happy and went home to family and friends.

Sessor and I got home and all the family and friends were happy to see them, they jumped and celebrated having cake and an big feed for them to be still alive.

The end

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  1. Hey Pativai, an imaginative story you've written, I like that you've taken some ideas about Caesar the Anzac dog into your writing too. I like the part where you talk about the wet squishy ground, it helps me to build the picture in my mind that the ground must have been very muddy, dirty, and my feet might sink when I walk.
    Mrs Parker