Friday, 28 October 2016

Maya's screencast reflection

This is a video of the good things I did in the play. 
We used the rubric to reflect on how well we did. I gave myself a 2 for posture because even though I acted the character, I didn't face or look at the audience while I was talking. I gave myself a 4 for expression and remembering the script and a 3 for emotion. We made this rubric by deciding together on the ideas for the criteria. Then we talked about what would be level 4, 3, 2 and 1. 

Curie's Animal Court Play Reflection

This time in Mrs Parker's Literacy group we had to present plays in separate groups and in my group our play was called The Animal Court. After presenting the plays we had to write or say a reflection of us saying what we need to improve and how.
I need to improve on my posture so I am facing the audience more. The things I did well was having good expression, knowing all my words without looking at the script, I also did a good job at changing my voice in a low tone to show the audience that I was grumpy .

Here is my Reflection.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Animal Court Reflection by Carmen

Last week my group did a play we did the animal court. Now I am reflecting on what I did well.
I used the rubric below to reflect. Our literacy group made up the rubric that is down below. We all thought of ideas about what could be in the rubric and we picked the best 4 ideas. We used this to self-assess afterwards.
Hope you enjoy the video.

Pativai's Animal Court Reflection

Mrs Parkers literacy group has been learning about plays. We used this to help us with our learning so that when we are speaking in front of a audience we need to know what we need to improve on a bit more. I have used video notes, to help with my learning beacause, it really does not help when you have to go, back and then you know what to do, that is why I use video notes so when a make a note on when I stop a video, and then I now what my next steps are for another time.

Animal court reflection By: Shanya

For mrs parkers literacy group we have been put into groups for each play. I am in Animal court. We had to perform our play infront of the literacy group. Then we had to write our reflections down in!
Here is my reflection

Charlie's Animal Court Reflection

Here is my video note reflection down bellow and under that is our play I am Mr fox, under that is our rubric which I marked myself in for the video note marking. This rubric is not teacher perspective it is our perspective of what we think a good play should include. We decided on it together. 

Kebabs Reflection by Ashleigh

Today Mrs Parker's literacy group we were reflect on our play Kebabs. I was a pauper in the play and there are few thing I can make the play better.

Those are something that I need to achieve

Good posture
  • Act the character,
  • body facing the audience
  • looking at the audience.
Has two of the criteria well developed .
Has one criteria well developed.
Has no criteria well developed.
Expression that use (tone of voice)
  • Match the character,
  • change pitch.
  • Express the punctuation. BOLD means louder
Has two of the criteria well developed .
Has one criteria well developed.
Has no criteria well developed.
Emotion should the story/events.
Uses some emotion
Uses a little emotion
No Emotion Used
Remember the script
Knows all the lines without looking
Knows most lines, but looks to the book for some.
Reads most, but looks to the audience occasionally.
Reads off the book for everything

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lights Camera Action: Animal Court

Earlier this term we were practicing our fluency reading aloud with expression. 
We each got a role in a short play from the school journals and had less than one week to practice and present each play. 
We also created our own success criteria to explain just how we would be successful in this task. 

Watch ANIMAL COURT by Asha Patel
SJ P3 N2 2008

Starring: Maya, Charlie, Shanya, Faith, Pativai, Curie, Carmen and Charlotte.

Watch KEBABS by Catherine Mayo
SJ P4 N2 2009

Starring: Georgia, Amelie, Cooper, Holly, Aashna, and Ashleigh

Monday, 3 October 2016

Debate: Children over the age of 8 should be allowed to vote

We finished off last term with a bang! Well, actually a court session. A court session which involved debating four hot topics which the learners had constructed, researched and planned debates around. 

Each debate lasted 8 - 12 minutes and each team worked together to peer assess the other teams using this rubric. 

Watch the full debate for "Children over the age of 8 should be allowed to vote" staring, Charlie, Faith, Curie, Shanya, Pativai and Carmen. 

Watch the debate for " Animals should be kept in cages" staring, Georgia, Maya Elijah, Charlotte, Holly and Ashleigh.