Sunday, 24 July 2016

Last Activity - Hit the object blindfolded By:Shanya

Hit the object blindfolded:


  • You hang 3 objects in the air 
  • you blindfold the person's eyes
  • You show them the direction to aim at 
  • Then they have to try figure out which way to hit the other objects.

  • You can't cheat
  • The objects must be still (Not living objects)
  • You can't walk 

Activity 2 - How would I raise funds for the our olympic players? By:Shanya

1. I would make a community fair. So what you do is you can bring whatever you feel like to sell.
2. Or I would do a fundraiser, so at every shop you go to you can donate some money to help the olympic New Zealand team.

Day 7: Activity 1 - Who would I compete with? By:Shanya

I would compete with my friend Hannah, because we would work together. I also choose her because I know I can rely on her.

Day 7 Bonus Activity

I think that this is a good sport  for the Olympic games. Hope you like it!

This sport is called Throw and Wheel

Throw and wheel is for people in wheelchairs in the game the contestants start on a line with three bean bags they have to throw one bean bag into each hop if they miss then they don't get one of the extra points. Then after all three bean bags have been thrown  then contestants have to start doing 3 shuttle on their way the contestants have to wheel over each hop and they have to keep their wheelchair on the hop for 10 seconds the continue

Rule 1 - the contestants have to stay on the hop for ten seconds
Rule 2 - the contestants must do three shuttles
Rule 3 - the contestants have to throw underarm into the hops    
By Charlie

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 7 Activity - 2

The first thing me and my friends could do is do a bake sale at the school fair or some other special occasion like that. We have a very big school at 500 - 600 students we could earn at the max 1100 dollars

The second thing I could do with family is a garage sale and we could sell all our old books clothes and toy and other unneeded stuff.

By Charlie     

Day 7 Activity -1

If I was doing para-cycling I would chose one of my very good friends Isabelle. Here is why

I would chose Isabelle because she is very funny but also supportive she is also very fit and can run really fast and she would also when I would nervous about it so the she can boost my confidence. I would chose Isabelle also because she is very good with bikes and can go really fast she lives in far away from our school but she bikes from her house to school and from school back to her house.

By Charlie  

DAY 6 - bonus

I am sitting in the stadium and all the athletes are parading around in their uniforms when suddenly… a giant tried to jump into over the stadium for fun but he missed and ended up landing in the stadium.  The ground shook with a great thud like there was an huge earthquake.  The athletes began to scamper with fear.  I was in the crowd and I started screaming.  Then everyone else in the crowd joined me.  The giant starting blushing with embarrassment.  And then he said to the crowd “calm down, calm down, I come in peace”.  
“How do we know you come in peace?” said a policeman who was in the crowd.  
The giant said “I am sorry, I was just practicing my pole vault over the stadium”.  Ever since he was little the giant wanted to be in the Olympics.
The the policeman said “then why don’t you do the Giant Olympics?”
“Giants don’t have Olympics” said the giant.  Then the children in the crown cheered “Come and do the Olympics with us!”.  All the adults joined in.
Then he blushes for the second time and says “really?”.  After a lot of blushing and cheering the people who were running the Olympics agree.  From that day forward he was on the team and he won a medal every time.

By Charlie

DAY 6 - Activity 2

At the Olympics in NZ I think that John Key would be the best person to participate in the opening ceremony because he is one of the most important people in NZ. He makes a lot of decisions and he needs to be there.
He may not be the prime minister in 2024 anymore, but I still think he should go because he has done a lot for NZ.
He could welcome all the different countries prime ministers and organise some of the entertainment.

By Charlie

DAY 6 - Activity 1 Uniform ranking

Here is my new zealand uniform Ratings

My Number 1 uniform is option number 3 Because I think this is the most modern looking.I like the style and I like that the whole women’s outfit is black with a white fern rather than the trousers being a different colour.

My number 2 uniform is option number 2 because  it still has the fern on it but it is a bit big and old fashioned looking.  I also don’t like the combination of the colours on the top of grey, black, and white.  Plus the silver fern is not all white.

My number 3 uniform is option 1 because it doesn’t have the silver fern.  The top looks a bit like they work in a bank not going to the olympics.  I also don’t like the scarf around the ladies.

By Charlie

Day 5 - Bonus activity

In this my description of who my inspiration is and why

Eddie the eagle is my inspiration because he was an underdog he never gave and what if he came last he had good atutude and didn’t lesoon to the people that tried to put him down. Now If I lose a game I say to myself What what if I just lost.It's Just a game,all I have to do is  just keep a good attitude.

By Charlie                

Day 5 - Activity 2

If i Could interview the youngest Olympian, Marjorie Gestring, these are the 5 question  I would ask her.

  1. What age did you start springboard diving?
  2. Were you scared to go to the Olympics so young?
  3. How did you feel when you won?
  4. Who was your biggest supporter?
  5. How did you train and who trained you?

By Charlie

Day 5 activity one Eddie The eagle

ere is my summary of Eddie the eagle. Hope you  enjoy 😁

Eddie had wanted to be an athlete or Olympian since he was very young.  He started holding his breath in the bath tub and jumping over obstacle courses but not many of them he could do.  He never got the professional perspective of it because his parents never believed in him and said he would never be an Olympian.  As he got older he realized that he didn’t want to go to the Olympics he wanted to go the winter Olympics.  So he started doing ski jumping when he got older.  On his first time on the big slope he doesn’t do it and he ends up rolling down the hill.  This guy comes and he says shouldn’t you be jumping when you are at least 5 or 6 years old?  Then Eddie says how do you know about it?  Then it skips to a part where he finds out the man used to be a professional ski jumper.  Then he says “why have I never heard of him?”    It turns out he got kicked out because he was disrespectful of the sport.

Then Eddie is on the slope for the second time.  He says to the people behind him ” can you give me push?”  They push him and he goes down and he jumps and crashes and ends up in hospital and breaks his neck. When he has his neck cast of the other man is sitting with him and he asks him if he's going to give but Eddie says no and gets out of the hospital bed. In the next bit it shows him where he is getting put down and when people are encouraging him.then it shows him training with the other man and having fun.Then it shows him getting ready for the real competition and last of all it shows him going down the slope and then he jumps the tv narrator says “can he do it”and then the screen blacked out to end the trailer.

By Charlie  

Friday, 22 July 2016

Be the Inspiration Critique

Here is my critique of Be the Inspiration

I watched the video but I didn’t find it very inspiring.  I found it bit boring. It was a bit slow and the music was a bit sad.  It wasn’t much about the Olympics it was more about New Zealand.  The video showed some nice parts of NZ and it was cool how they were training on mountains and beaches.  I liked the swirl patterns that went over the screen.
Wasn’t the best I have seen.  Not sure this is very interesting.
I would only give this video 2 starts.

By Charlie

Why I choose Andrea Kilday

The reason I choose Andrea Kilday Is because I think she is good at what she does since she has just recently won a gold medal and that even though she is famous and works hard at what she does she still tries to spent time with her family.I also choose her because I think Taekwondo is an interesting sport.

By Charlie

Writing about Jaimee lovett

Here is all my info about Jaimee lovett, (she was the athlete I choose)
Sport - Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
Name - Jamiee
3 facts
  1. Jaimee Lovett had to wait nine years to finally graduate to the full Olympic Games
  2. Jaimee Lovett came into kayaking through surf lifesaving, firstly with the Whakatane club and then with Mount Maunganui.
  3. The quartet had a breakthrough year in 2015 under Danish-born coach Rene Olsen, winning the K4 500m at the World Cup round in Portugal and making the final at the world championships in Milan.

By Charlie 

Golf in Rio

Here is my poem about being on TVNZ and going to Rio.  The sport I choose to report is Golf

I don’t like Golf
But I have to go.
I couldn’t choose rugby cos I hate that even more.

I get to go on a plane
Now that won’t be lame!
TVNZ are making me go
So RIo I get to say ‘hello’.

I don’t know what to expect to find
I hope the people are lovely and kind.
The golf will be interesting I guess
But I hope that I don’t get myself into too much or a mess.

By Charlie

Playing an Olympic Sport

Playing an Olympic Sport  - Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnasts perform handstands, flips and rolls.  The compete in bars, beam, vaults and floor where they do somersaults and flips.

Here in this picture I am performing one of the handstands.Image (2).jpg
By Charlie

3 Olympic sports

Here is my three olympic sports that I have chosen to write about.

  1. A - Canoe Slalom   B - In a Canoe or Kayak, Athletes have to do a 250 m white water obstacle course that includes going through gates and dodging obstacles in the least amount of time possible.  C - Point off for touching the gates and failing to pass through them.     
  2. A - Equestrian  B - In Equestrian the riders have to compete in dressage, jumping and eventing.  C - They have to complete in a certain time and get points off for touching jumps
  3. A - Taekwondo  B - in Taekwondo it is a martial art using the hands and feet.  There are 4 weight classes for both women and men.  C - The player can win the fight by scoring the most points or knocking out their opponent.

By Charlie

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Tokyo Olympics Logo

Here is my logo that I created in Design manic. I think it looks good even though Design manic only let me use two shapes and I also found it fun to choose a logo to recreate. Here is the logo that I recreated…

By Charlie

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 8.34.41 PM.png

Famous NZ Landmarks

L&P bottle in Paeroa.
This is a large bottle of an L&P bottle which is a soft drink that is made in Paeroa from the springs and mixed with lemon.  It is famous because it is very large and unique.  Tourists like to take pictures of themselves with it.

One Tree Hill in Mt Eden, Auckland.
This is the name of the mountain in Mt Eden.  It used to have one tree on top but it was cut down in a protest.  It is a landmark because many people visit it and look at the views from the top.  When you go to the obelisk on the top there are templates with descriptions of Maori ancestors.

Maori Warrior statue by the Auckland Ferry terminal
This was made in 1967.  It is a maori warrior wearing a long cloak.  It is made of bronze and is meant to represent peace and the maori people.

By Charlie

Vinicius e Tom

Here is my summary of ep. 2  

They have just arrived and they need somewhere to sleep. Vinicius choose a log but there was a bug hat fell on his head and he ran out screaming. Then Tom find a hole in a tree but the hole is a home for an owl so the owl starts to chase tom out.when they are both running they crash into a birdhouse and Vinicius hold it up to the tree witch to me I think means he wants their house to be in a tree but tom holds up a sign that means no and then tom thinks that the house should be in the water.  But the water is too cold.  They then see a place that would be perfect for them both that has a tree and a pond.  They build a tree house that suits them both.  At night they try to sleep but they can’t.  So they both go back outside and sleep in their normal habitats.  

By Charlie

Weekly Activity Day 4 by Ashleigh

Eighteen-year-old Lizzie began springboard diving at the age of nine years and she will be celebrating her 19th birthday at the Games during the diving preliminary round stage.

Lizzie is a five-time national champion and record holder and it has always been her dream to compete at the Games. In heading to Rio, Lizzie signals a brilliant resurgence in the sport of diving for New Zealand with the last Olympic representation in the sport 24 years ago at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

Securing her Olympic spot at the World Cup in Rio in February of 2016,  Lizzie is looking forward to the challenge in August and is thrilled to be able to finally fulfil her dream and make her family and New Zealand proud.
Image result for Elizabeth Cui

Bonus - write the ending of the story By: Shanya

Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden a elephant had broke out of the zoo and came stomping all over the expensive equipment. The people were screaming with fear everywhere, suddenly the fierce elephant tamer came out of the crowd and walked back the elephant to the zoo. This was the year that never had the olympics games.

Activity 2 - Who to choose for the opening ceremony By: Shanya

I would choose Richie McCaw because he is the most capped test rugby player of all time. Also he has been appointed captain of the all blacks in 2006. He has also represented our country in the rugby world cup's.

Day 6: Activity 1 - New Zealand Uniform ranking By: Shanya

Ranking: #1
Why? - Because they have used the kiwis of the dresses and the men and women have the same blouse or jackets.

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\2012 NZ Uniform.jpg
Ranking:  #3
Why? - Because they are all the matching colours and nothing is different between the men and women. But the design is wonderful and unique.

Image result for New Zealand Team Uniform – beijing Olympics 2008

Ranking #2
Why? - Because it has the black and white colours of New Zealand including the fern which makes it iconic.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Athens Olympics uniform (2004).jpg

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bonus - Who is your inspriation By:Shanya

My inspiration would be mum and john achten. I chose my mum because she is a hard worker and she pushes me to stretch myself. I also choose John Achten, because her is a veterinarian by day and a artist by night, also because that's what I want to do when I grow up.

Activity 2 - Youngest olympic champion interview By: Shanya

Questions that I would ask Marjorie Gestring

  1. How does it feel like to be the youngest person to win the olympic games?
  2. Who inspired you to do this?
  3. How long have you trained to pull this off?
  4. Are you coming back to the next olympic games?
  5. How are you going to celebrate this?

Day 5: Activity 1 - Eddie the Eagle By: Shanya

Eddie is a boy that wants to be an athlete but he wasn't that good at the sports. So he tried skiing and he never gave up even when he hurt himself and had to go to the hospital. Eddie was declined in every team he was in, but now he wasn't. He had a couch that held the record!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bonus: Be the inspiration judgment By: Shanya

I like how they explained what the video was about and the words that they used to describe our olympic athletes. I also liked the pictures because it match the words that he was saying.

I think the speaker could have spoken a little bit slower because i couldn't entirely understand what he was trying to say in the beginning.

**** = good movie

Monday, 18 July 2016

Activity 2 - Imagine that you were able to meet Andrea Kilday By:Shanya

I would want to meet Andrea Kilday. I want to meet Andrea Kilday because she is the current 2012, 2014 biannual Oceania Taekwondo Champion. I would like to ask her questions about how it would feels like to be A winner and weather after the competition she feels hurt or good. These are the reasons why I would want to meet Andrea Kilday!

Day 4: Activity 1 - Be the inspiration By: Shanya

Genevieve Behrent



She was part of the silver medal winning eight that qualified the boat for Rio at the 2015 World Rowing Championships. Genevieve is interested in and enjoys studying interior design.

3 interesting facts:

  • Genevieve her rowing career in 2008
  • She was born in Oamaru
  • Her height is 183cm 

Bonus: Imagine if you were a T.V reporter and you went to Rio de Janeiro By:Shanya

If I was a T.V reporter that got paid to go to Rio de Janeiro I would definitely go! I would feel Excited because I haven't been to Rio yet. I would feel really lucky, because I am getting paid going to rio and because I can see either the golf or the rugby sevens.

bonus activity no girls allowed

    1. Girls were not allowed to do the same as men they were expected to stay home and do housework and If not then they were working and did the same as men but earned less money because everyone thought t
    2. hat boys were better than girls and to this day girls still earn less money than boys.
    3. To this day most of the inventions we have are made by girls rather than boys.
    4. I read this book with more than 50 girl inventions and how they came up with them