Saturday, 28 January 2017

Week 2 Day 8

Day 8 – Sunshine and Swimming Togs
Good morning! It is Day #8 of your journey and, according to the local weather station, today is going to be cloudy and wet. Back home in New Zealand it is sunny and 28 degrees Celsius today.  It is a perfect summer day! Think about what you like to do in the summer time and complete one or more of these activities. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\sunshine picture.jpg
Activity 1
What are your favourite things to do in the summer time? For this activity you have two different options: (1) You can take a picture of yourself doing one of your favourite summer time activities and upload it to your blog along with a description of what you’re doing or (2) you can write a paragraph that tells us about what you love doing in the summer on your blog. It is completely up to you!

My favourite mouth of the year because on Jan is my birthday when it is summer I have so much fun when my friend come over to my house for my party.
My theme for my party was a pool party. Witch is where we have all the water fights and water slides. some of us made teams and some did not but those that did not go in a team got to do what they want.

Activity 2
Ask someone in your family or one of your friends what their favourite five things are to do in the summer time. On your blog, write the title ‘Summer Activities’ and, below the title, tell us about the five things that they love to do. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Video Blog.jpg
Bonus Activity
Instead of taking a picture or writing to us, for this activity you are invited to make a short video blog (3-4 minutes). On the video blog please tell us about your favourite summer time activities. Upload the video to your blog. Make sure that you write a short description below the video so that people know what the video is about.

Sorry that I could not explin much in my video anyway my video is about what I do at home, I do some of these activits in winter or at school, I don't have much space in my backyard but I have much on my deck, these activits cool me down at home, some times my friends come over to play, Some times I play by my self the games that I play is golf Netball and Rings I also love to play with my cat Oolong Crosbie. so this is what I do at home thankyou. 
Bonus Activity = 15 points


  1. From my family
    what they like doing in summer was
    1. Water fight
    2.Go on her phone
    4.Play with her older sister
    5.Go to the pools

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    Oh, a pool party sounds like a lot of fun! Did you host your birthday party at your house or did you go to a local pool? When I turned 7 my parents let me invite some friends over and they took us the local pool. I still remember the party because it was the first time that we were allowed to jump off of the 3m springboard (diving board). I was pretty scared the first time that I stood at the end of the board but once I had done it, the nerves disappeared and I was hooked on swimming and being at the pools. I actually ended up working as a lifeguard for years and still love to swim.

    Do you love to go swimming? If so, which pool and/or beach do you usually go to? If I can, I take my son (Aronui) to Cornwallis Beach and/or Karekare beach for a swim. They are both beaches in the west side of Auckland close to where I live. Karekare is one of my all-time favourite places to go. It was recently listed as one of the 'Top 10' beaches in the world by Passport Magazine.

    Here is a link to a story about the beach, recently published in the Herald:

    I hope that you get the chance to check it out one day. It's well worth the trip out west!

    Rachel :)