Sunday, 22 January 2017

W4, day20 - activity 2 - things I learnt about japan BY:SHanya

That the raccoon dog is a native animal to Japan
There is a monkey hot spring in japan with live snow monkeys
I didn't know that ohayou Gozaimasu means good morning


  1. Hi Shanya,

    it is nice to read that you learned three new things about Japan following your month long journey through the country. I think that it is quite cool that you now know a little bit of Japanese (you can say 'Good morning' or 'Oahyou Gozaimasu') and you know a bit more about the native animal species of Japan including the racoon dog and the Macaque monkeys who live in the Jigokudani national park.

    I had the chance to visit Jigokudani when I was living in Japan and it was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. The monkeys were sitting in the onsen (hot pool), relaxing in the heat and hanging out with their family and friends. Some of the monkeys were running around the edge of the hot springs in the snow while others were grooming each other in nearby trees. The snow was falling gently around us when we were there and the entire thing looked like a scene out of a wintry postcard. It was surreal!

    I hope that you have enjoyed your travels and learned a lot about Japan in the process. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs and will enjoy posting comments on them over the next few days!

    Sayonara (for now),

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Mrs. Williams,

    I heard that sometimes they look at each others fur to see if they have nits, ewww... Any way Oahyou Gozaimusu sounds like "Ohio coz I must".


    1. You're right about that, Shanya! It does sound really cool. I really like the Japanese language, in general. It's full of interesting phrases and unique sounds.

      Ironically, my cat (Jackson) was sitting around last night preening himself and he reminded me of the Japanese Macaques that groom each other and pick nits out of their fur. It's not the most glamorous thing to do but it keeps them clean!

      Rachel :)

  3. Hello Shanya!

    It's cool to see that you have learnt new things about Japan. I just read your comment before and it does actually sound like 'Ohio coz I must". That's really funny!


    1. And I have two questions!
      How do you say, good afternoon and good bye in Japanese!