Monday, 2 January 2017

Week 1 Day 1

Week 1 Day 1

Day 1 – Choosing a destination
The world is a very big and very cool place. There are currently 196 countries and approximately 7.1 billion people living on earth. For this project we are going to focus on just 10 countries across 6 continents – Canada (North America), Mexico (Central America), Chile (South America), England (Europe), Germany (Europe), South Africa (Africa), United Arab Emirates (Middle East), Japan (Asia), Malaysia (South-East Asia), and Australia (Australasia).

Canada: The 2 main languages spoken in Canada are English and French.
North America: North America is named after an Italian Explorer.
Mexico: Mexico is the 14th largest country by land area.
Central America : Spanish is the primary language spoken in Central America
Chile: The official language of Chile is Spanish
South America: Spanish are the most common languages 
England: The largest lake in England is named Windermere
Europe: There are more than 200 different languages spoken in Europe.
Germany: The capital of Germany is Berlin, it is also the largest city.
South Africa: South Africa is located at the southern end of Africa
Africa: Over 2,000 different languages.
United Arab Emirates:
Middle East: The most common languages spoken in the Middle East
Japan: The Japanese name for Japan is “Nihon” or “Nippon” which means “sun origin”.
Asia: Highest Peak is Mount Everest
Malaysia: Capital city Kuala Lumpur
South-East Asia: Area of about 1.6 million square miles
Australia: Is the 6th largest area in the world.

Activity 1
After you have read the quick facts about each place you must choose ONE country that you would like to ‘visit.’ On your blog post the name of the country and tell us why you have chosen to visit it. Please give, at least, two reasons for choosing the country.
My two reasons why I would like to visit this country
1.  Over a past few days I had been learning about Australia and made me thought that one day I should go back and visit.
2. And also me and my family went down to Australia with my cousins and went down to this beautiful beach close to south wales.
Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.
1. Australia is the 6th largest area out of the whole world. 

2. And have most kangaroos in the world.
3.  population of over 22 million people.
Bonus Activity
Write a letter to a friend or family member to tell them that you are going to visit your country of choice. In your letter, please tell them where you are going, why you have decided to go to the particular country and how long you will be away. Feel free to invite them to join you, if you’d like!

Bonus Activity = 5 points

By Charlotte


  1. My letter to my friend or family (Bonus Activity)

    Dear Family member
    Would you like to join me across the ocean to visit Australia hope you enjoy the flight and journey with me.
    Love from Charlotte

  2. Kia ora Charlotte!

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey!!! I'm Mark, one of the teachers working on the journey and it is so exciting to see you starting up! Remember you have heaps of time and you've probably been away, while the others haven't yet, so feel free to take your time okay?

    I really like this blog, it looks like you've put a lot of effort into it and I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work! It's also great that you've chosen Australia as it is one of the countries I have lived in! I have all kinds of interesting experiences and can't wait to see what you find out about it.

    One of my favourite memories of Australia was meeting a snake on my stairs one morning. Luckily is was a carpet python, so not poisonous, but it was strange to touch it. A little scary especially since it was as tall as me, and lucky because I met it at the tail end instead of the head end haha!

    I hope you've been enjoying your holidays! Welcome to the programme!


  3. Hi Charlotte,

    Wow! You have posted a number of really interesting facts about a variety of cities and countries. Where did you find all of these great facts? Was there a specific website that you used? If so, could you please pop a link for the site into your blog post? That way people can read your post and then follow the link if they want to learn more about each place.

    I can see from your post that, of all of the countries on offer, you have chosen to go back to Australia. Great idea! It sounds like you had a lot of fun visiting the beaches in New South Wales the last time you went. The beaches in Australia really are stunning, aren't they? I would like to go to Bondi Beach if I have the chance one day. It is arguably the nicest beach for swimming and surfing in Australia. Have you heard of it?

    I hope that you will enjoy the Summer Learning Journey programme, Charlotte. I think that you'll learn a lot about Australia and have fun doing it :)