Friday, 20 January 2017

W4, Day18 - Activity 2 - National animals By:Shanya

The koi fish lives in ponds. They eat plants, insects, snails, worms and algae.

Raccoon dog
The raccoon dog lives in the forest, near to the water. They eat frogs, lizards, rodents, seedsberries and fruit.

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  1. Hi Shanya,

    I see that you have chosen two really interesting animals for your activity today. The koi is a really popular symbol of success, prosperity, good fortune, courage, ambition and perseverance in Japanese culture. They actually have entire festivals dedicated to the koi fish. When I was living in Japan teaching English I attended a koi festival and actually completed a 10 km running race as part of the events. It was really fun!

    Have you ever seen a koi fish in person? They can be quite big and some are really colourful!

    Thanks for sharing information about the koi and the racoon dog with us. We've learned even more about Japanese culture from reading your blog. Awesome :)