Thursday, 19 January 2017

W3, Day 13 - Activity 2 - WOMAD By:shanya

Flori Mumajesi - Pop - click here for song
Pentatonix - A cappella - click here for song


  1. Hi Shanya!

    I had never heard of these people before! Very cool. I always like reading the answers to this question because I always get introduced to something new.

    Thank you


  2. Hi Shanya and Mark,

    I also really love this activity blog because I, too, get to learn a great deal about new music and new musicians. In this case I had heard of Pentatonix (my son, Aronui, loves them) but I had never heard of Flori Mumajesi before. Wow, he's really good! I just had a listen to the song that you embedded in the link, Shanya, and it's really beautiful.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great music with Mark and I!

    Rachel :)