Thursday, 28 April 2016

Carmen's Dear diary writing into the Jaws of Death

In week 10 we learned about anzacs and war here is my diary entree hope you enjoy my writing. 

Dear Diary I got put on the terrible list to go to war 3 months ago! We started training in front of the sandy Egypt pyramids like 1 month ago. All our training paid off it was time.

“Wake up wake up soldiers” yelled our leader I could barely lift my heavy eyelids.  

At last they got to shore the poor anzacs I couldn't see anything at all except for trees. I’m a backup just in case something happens so I’m still on the ship thank gosh! I looked over and waited for three hours it felt like forever…  then suddenly…  BOOM  the enemy struck so powerfully my heart wouldn't stop pounding. All most everyone died so I got called to the to fight on the battlefield.

I’m on the soft sandy beach I can see all of my friends getting shot but where are the enemies shooting from? All the things I learned where are they? I knew it I knew it they were in the forest and all my friends were shooting at the top of the mountain.

For a minute I stuck my tongue out of my mouth I could taste some sort of mouth burning powder like dust i’m pretty sure it was disgusting.

BOOM 1 point for the anzacs! My ears are about to burst they are so sore.

First day completed I don't know how many day's are left.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dear Diary by Ashleigh

WALHT: to use our senses to show rather than tell.
Learning Progression: Structure and Language. Use Visual features to engage the audience and convey meaning.

BK: Here is a picture called ‘Into the Jaws of Death.’ Taken by Robert F. Sargent June 6, 1944

MM: Complete a Y chart on a mini whiteboard first about what you would have seen, heard, and felt jumping out of the boat on the dawn of June 6 1944.

AU: Pretend you are one of these soldiers and write a diary account of the day you went to war.

You will attend a workshop on Monday to help you with this task.

When the sky grew black and the wind grew strong the boat brought me to the terrible beach, the gunshot and the bleeding world, empty body on the ground,the big boat was in danger lots of mysteries in the world, lots of life in my hands. I need to get to the trenches, and wonder what will happen next. The smoke and fire in the water. This once was  the beach that people loved to go, now it its the beach where people died. The blood filled the clean water, now turned to red. Then I jump out of the boat my legs felt numb from the freezing cold water. Running through  it might be danger, when I got to other side of the beach the bullet through my body pushed me onto the ground. My heart was going to stop,  I was down on the ground, now my brain said I can’t stop, the empty body around me covered with blood.   Are they alive or dead?  I can’t breath but I still keep going, now I grab my gun and I put it down, where are the people in my team?

Time of war!

My Anzac recount

This is a recount as if I was at the war at Gallipoli. This is my 2nd task to do for our Anzac activities. I think I could have improved more on showing and not telling, because it was really hard to do that. One sentence where I 'showed' really well was where I wrote, "I felt like I was trapped in a pitch black room," because instead of saying I felt really scared and angry, then that would be telling. I also did well at describing the scene at the beginning.

Time of war!

The time has finally come. Me and the other troops were going to a battle at Gallipoli I have been writing in this diary on the boat about what each day felt away from home.Suddenly I felt scared, because we were there at Gallipoli, but still a bit far away that's, because we had to walk there. The real danger has come. I smelt the sea water as I jumped out, the water was up to my thigh. I could hear the bullets as it flew past, I couldn’t hear that well afterwards. Finally, we reached our destination, Suddenly, I felt like I was trapped in a pitch black room. I could see the Humongous  cliff with our enemies on top. I ran as fast as I could to get cover, and then I found a little wooden boat. Suddenly someone told me to come with them, so I went then I found this long trench, so I ran and jumped and landed nicely I also saw some of my mates. A streak of light went passed me. I realized that was a bullet so I quickly went a little bit deeper into the trench. I saw a lot of people that passed away at the no-man's-land. The gunshot sounds were starting to fade away. I heard my tummy rumbling. The smoke smelt strong. The ringing in my ears was deafening, so they had to scream so I could hear. It was begging to get dark and I felt tired, so I made a bed then I slept. This was my first day of war!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pativai's Animal Poster

This is my animal poster. I learnt that there are animals in world war one because at first I did not know that animals would be mascots in world war one but, now I know that is what i learnt from the story. I found that getting the information for the animals were quit hard since, I mostly did dogs the information that they, put in weren't with breeds so it was a bit difficult to find that information. I would do the next time is to change the size of the font so that I could put in a bit more information.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Animals at world war 1 by:Shanya

Anzac Activities - World war 1

For Build knowledge we had to to find the meaning of the technancial vocabulary.

For the Make meaning stage we had to compare and contrast the different purposes of the animals in our lives.

Apply understanding of the author's purpose and we had to create a poster highlighting the animals that were at war

I think I need to improve more descriptive words about the animals.
I think I did a really good job on picturing the animals and not putting too much words.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Faith's sleeping sleuths.

I enjoyed when I got to record my sleep and I also liked how we were learning about sleep because sleep is not a popular subject that school learn for Literacy.
I found difficult remembering the time I went to bed and a the time I woke up because there were a lot of things that were on my mind when I came to school.
My next step is to create a Routine that I can keep to because I go to bed at a different time and when I wake up I don't feel as energized as I would if I had a routine.

Pativai's Sleep Sleuths

This is my explanation on my experience of sleep from this book called sleep sleuths. This is my explanation on a graph and a video.

This is my video that I made to explain for the sleep sleuths book.

Carmen's Sleep Sleuths

This is the study of sleep. Over time I realized that it's important to get enough sleep or you will get grumpy I know how much hours of sleep I should get.    ZZZZ 

Hope you enjoy the video    :) 

And More I described some graphs take a look and see how sleep works or how much sleep you should be getting each night. 


Curie's Sleep Slueths

We have been learning about sleep and how much sleep kids and adults shoud be getting normally.I enjoyed this task because I could learn more about how much people sleep and I learnt that people sleep for one third of the day.

This is my video

I enjoyed making this video with screencastify because I felt quite nervous using new tools but this tool was quite easy and fun.

This is my two tasks that we had to complete about what we knew about sleep.

This task was quite easy with the book to help but not so easy without the book.

This graph shows what time I went to sleep and how many hours I slept for.

My sleep slueth study

This week and the last we have been studying sleep.
The first thing we had to do was read the nonfiction book called sleep sleuths. Second we made a table and wrote our bedtime and how many hours we got of sleep then I did this again but for all my family members. .finally we had to write a summary of what we had learnt. One of the things that I learnt that you sleep for a 3rd of your life.Book by kate potter

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sleeping Sleuths by Shanya

Sleeping Sleuths by Kate Potter L3 Connected 2015: Fact or Fiction p10-17

For Mrs Parker's literacy group read a book called Sleeping Sleuths. First we had to label 2 picture of what the pictures and icons meant of a picture in the book. Secondly we experimented on ourselves so every time we went to sleep we recorded what time it was and when we woke up. Finally the last thing we had to record ourselves talking about our finding of when we sleep and explain what we are doing. I hope you enjoy the video.

Ashleigh's sleep sleuths

Sleep Sleuths by Kate Potter L3 Connected 2015: Fact or Fiction p10-17
WALHT: Interpret diagrams charts and graphs to extend a text;
              Identify structural features and purposes of texts.
Completing this task to a high standard will provide evidence for the following learning progressions:
Building Knowledge - code breaking:
  • Text Conventions - I can identify text structures when two text types are combined, eg, a persuasive text written as a story

  • Text Conventions - I know how to interpret illustrations, photographs, text boxes, diagrams, charts, and graphs to clarify or extend the text
Making Meaning - thinking critically:
  • Predicting - I look for clues as I read by scanning for specific information to confirm or refine my predictions
Applying Understanding
  • Self Monitoring - I consistently read for meaning and to self-correct

Success Criteria: Annotate a image from the text to show the deeper understanding it gives.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Charlie The Sleep Sleuth

This is my video summary about Sleep Sleuths by Kate Potter.
I found it hard to video myself because I don't really like people seeing my face.
I found it easy to do these graphs down below because of how many times I have read the book.