Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dear Diary by Ashleigh

WALHT: to use our senses to show rather than tell.
Learning Progression: Structure and Language. Use Visual features to engage the audience and convey meaning.

BK: Here is a picture called ‘Into the Jaws of Death.’ Taken by Robert F. Sargent June 6, 1944

MM: Complete a Y chart on a mini whiteboard first about what you would have seen, heard, and felt jumping out of the boat on the dawn of June 6 1944.

AU: Pretend you are one of these soldiers and write a diary account of the day you went to war.

You will attend a workshop on Monday to help you with this task.

When the sky grew black and the wind grew strong the boat brought me to the terrible beach, the gunshot and the bleeding world, empty body on the ground,the big boat was in danger lots of mysteries in the world, lots of life in my hands. I need to get to the trenches, and wonder what will happen next. The smoke and fire in the water. This once was  the beach that people loved to go, now it its the beach where people died. The blood filled the clean water, now turned to red. Then I jump out of the boat my legs felt numb from the freezing cold water. Running through  it might be danger, when I got to other side of the beach the bullet through my body pushed me onto the ground. My heart was going to stop,  I was down on the ground, now my brain said I can’t stop, the empty body around me covered with blood.   Are they alive or dead?  I can’t breath but I still keep going, now I grab my gun and I put it down, where are the people in my team?

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