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Charlies Bug Persuasive Writing

This activity was about persuasive text. We have to write our point of view here is mine. This piece was about if we should or should not eat bugs in our diet.   point of view - I think we should eat bugs

You might look at bugs and scream, especially if you see one in your food, but actually around 2 billion people eat bugs. Mostly people from poor countries, and some cultures eat bugs for all meals! I Think that eating bugs is a good idea because it is way healthier than livestock, it is really cheap to farm or even free, and it causes less greenhouse gases than farming meat!

Firstly farming bugs is very cheap because it take 22000 Liters of water to farm 1 kilogram of Beef ,  3500  Liters of water to farm 1 kilogram of pork, 2300 liters of water to farm 1 kilogram g of chicken and It takes 1 liter of water to farm 1 kilogram of cricket. Secondly Bugs are a lot more edible then chicken of beef. You can eat 80% of a bugs while you can eat 50% of a chicken and 40% of cow, and guess what it takes 200 square meters to grow 1 pound of beef and it only takes 15 square meters to grow 1 pound of cricket.
Now if you compare 100g of cricket compared to 100gs of meatScreenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.23.05 PM.png     you might  find that they have almost the exact amount of protein in each of them . Also crickets contains a lot of vitamins and minerals like calcium,  zinc and iron Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.39.21 PM.png        

Also similar the ,mealworm contains mostly fibre as well.
Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 12.39.11 PM.png

Cricket is and lots of other bugs are also good to eat because of the greenhouse gases. When farming cows there are lots of greenhouse gases.greenhouse gases are caused when the cows fart. Also bugs don’t fart or maybe only a little bit .   

By Charlie

Maya's bug essay

INTRODUCTION w POV, and list your main idea
We should eat bugs because
Reason 1:bugs are easy to take care of
Reason 2:they are very healthy for you
Reason 3:Bugs in the future may be the only food left
Bug’s should be given a chance to taste good as food because it could help the starving children out there in the world. I really do care about the starving children out there and It does not cost money to raise bugs and then children could have a better shot at life and adults that are living on the streets. Bugs also have iron,calcium,vitamin a b and c,protein and all those things unlike meat and bacon and vegetables. Animal farming causes greenhouse gas and that is very bad for the outdoors trees, bugs and all sorts. Meanwhile, bug farming causes none of that stuff.   
Add in:if we keep doing this there will be no other food
GreenHouse gases are pollution from methane which is the gas that we fart and so do cows farts cause greenhouse gases.  Cows also poop and pee in water sources but not the water that we drink.  Greenhouse gases is air and water pollution with can people very sick like the people in palmerston north.  If this keeps going on the town is going to have a demand for food like there already is in some countries bugs can solve that problem you can find them almost anywhere and take no effort to take care of and actually don't taste that bad.
Add in:Bugs probably taste like nothing anyway
Reason 3 - food of the future
In the future if we don't think about what we are eating before we eat it than bugs may be the only thing we have left to eat.Water sources and food sources may be polluted because of animal farming.The reason why this would happen is because when cows poo and pee it goes into water and if this keeps happening then it might get into the water that we rink but that is not what is happening right now luckily.If we start doing things like eating bugs then we can stop things like this from happening.And bugs can actually taste good for example scorpion lollipops the lollipop does not just taste good the bug actually gives a banana flavour to the lollipop which makes it more fun to eat.

In conclusion we should eat bugs or we will have to be forced to eat them and there will be no other food left apart from bugs.
Screenshot 2016-09-12 at 12.01.11 PM.png
1 Bugs contain lots of iron
2 Bugs contain lots of calcium
3 Bugs contain lots of vitamins

4 Bugs contain lots of other healthy things that are good for us to eat

The activity was to write three paragraphs on three main ideas why we should or should not eat bugs

Curies Should we bugs persuasive writing blog post

For two weeks Mrs Parker's literacy group has been writing to persuade somebody and our topic was should humans eat bugs and we all had two options either to agree or disagree and I chose disagree and wrote down three statements why we should not eat bugs in my opinion. Firstly we had to write a plan about how we will write, After we finished our plans we got started on writing.

Point of view- Disagree
Reason 1-It will taste weird.
Reason 2-It may sound healthy but some bugs could could have poison
Reason 3-It can creep you out if you look at it.
Conclusion- This is why.

Writing: Should we eat bugs?

I strongly believe that we should not eat bugs because I think that people eating their pests would be a bit of a scary feeling. I also have three main reasons why people should not eat bugs.

Firstly people now are creating videos about bugs being healthy and nutritious but they're missing the point some bugs could have either been flying or crawling around poisonous stuff such as gas or poisonous mushroom, What if the bugs had tiny pieces of mud on their feet or legs that nobody noticed and created a bug lollipop which would go in somebody’s mouth and that person would have eaten the tiny mud pieces on the bugs leg or feet.

Secondly the bugs will taste really weird when you have it in your mouth. Normally people call bugs as a pest and if someone asked them to eat a bug they would think immediately that the bug is yuck. Although only a few people over the world likes to eat bugs tier could be an undiscovered poison hiding in the bug. I think that eating a bug would taste like puke.

Thirdly most bugs are pests to humans so think about it a human eating a pest would be a nightmare for them even I would be scared to even eat a delicious lollipop with only one tiny ant inside the lollipop. I believe that people who are scared of bugs will be even more scared to even put it in their mouth.

Now this is why I think humans should not eat bugs. I hope these reasons would make you think should humans eat bugs or not?

Faiths persuasive writing.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Pativai's Why we should start eating insects

Mrs parkers literacy group has been working on pursuassive writing. Our topic was that if we wanted to eat insects or if we didn't want to eat insects. At first I thought it wa going to be distcusting but then I watched a couple of videos and it kinda got me into eating them. Did you know that if we eat insects we can have a lot of protien in our body eaven vitimans.

P.O.V -  We should start eating insects

Reason One

  • It is healthy for the body and even more healthier than meat

  • Animals are not healthy for the human body and only part of the body is edible but with the insects they are more edible than meat.

  • Insects contain not that much greenhouse gases and it will be better for the environment

Conclusion - Those were my strong reasons why I strongly believe that we should start eating insects. It has a lot of protein vitamins and it is so healthy for the human body. It can be very delicious, but look very disgusting. You should start eating insects because it will help yourself the environment and still be very delicious.

I strongly agree that we should start eating insects and these are the three reasons why. They are healthier for the body and healthier than meat, the insects are way more edible than other foods such as chickens cows and sheeps. Insects don’t carry that much greenhouse gasses but cows and pigs carry a lot of greenhouse gasses.

Firstly, I think we should start eating insects because it is way more healthier than meat such as chickens, sheeps and cows. Eating insects will give you more iron vitamins and protein to your body. Although people think that insects are disgusting and gross they can be very healthy and delicious. The reason why it is so healthy is because they contain heaps of vitamins and protein in there body. Not only is it good for your body and health but also, it is great for the environment.

Secondly, insects are way more edible than meat such as cows and chickens. Insects are only eighty percent edible, when I mean there eighty percent edible I mean that is how much of their body you can eat. With chickens they are fifty percent edible and with cow’s they are forty percent edible. Farming can take up, heaps of space of the world and houses you need to pay for food for the animals, and with the houses you need to pay for power. Because all those things can cost you a lot of money, trying to get insects can cost you nothing. You can easily just feed them with scraps then whenever you are ready to cook, just start taking the insects.

Thirdly, insects don’t carry that much greenhouse gasses. Cows carry a lot of greenhouses gasses and it is very bad for the environment. To produce meat you would also need to use water and mostly sheeps and pigs can use up a lot of water same with cows. Insects only use up not that much water to produce them this is because of what kinds of things they eat. That can give people less use of water to use to produce them. Insects can be very delicious, for instance people say that crickets taste like potato chips and silk worms taste like popcorn.

Those were my strong reasons why I strongly believe that we should start eating insects. It has a lot of protein vitamins and it is so healthy for the human body. It can be very delicious, but look very disgusting. You should start eating insects.

We should include insects in our daily diet By: Shanya

In Mrs. Parker's literacy group we have been learning about persuasive writing. Our topic is why we should include insects in our daily diet?

We should include insects in our daily diet
By: Shanya

I agree that we should include insects in our daily diet, because it keeps you healthy if you try eating it, insects improves our environment and there are many other ways to eat insects!

Insects have a lot of nutrition. Scientific research has shown that eating insects is healthier than eating beef, pork and chickens. By eating insects it gives you protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and it is also low in fat, these give you what your body needs to stay healthy. Insects contain 80% protein, which is the body's vital building blocks. Many people in the world are already eating insects. Insects are more digestible, than eating meat. If you love eating lobster, peanut butter, chocolate and crab, then you are most likely eating an insect. Eating insects will make a good change for environmental problems.

Insects help our environment by not harming it. Insects are very enviro friendly because they don’t do any harm to the environment and insects don’t need high facility care. Here are 2 major problems in the environment, greenhouse gas and agriculture. We use 27,600 L of fresh water to produce 1 kg of meat. Although insects use fresh water, It only takes 1L to produce 1 kg of insects. That's because insects can be nearly hydrated by the food they eat! It takes 200 square meters of land to just provide beef, and only 15 square meters of land to provide 1 pound of insects.

Not convinced yet! Well if you don’t think that it taste great then here are some ways to eat it. There are many ways to cook or even bake insects. If you look at it and think it’s gross then hide the insect in your meal for the day. You think it might taste awful but people say that it taste like roasted peanuts, shrimp, chicken and popcorn. In some countries they drizzle it with chocolate, then snack on it. Say, when you try a cricket and you don’t like, well there’s a solution for that, there are many insects in the world that are edible and delicious. Eating insects, scrumptious and delicious, is like eating your favourite meal.

Eating insects is good for your body and is healthier, and also it will improve the environment because insects don't need huge facility care and is less expensive. I hope I have persuaded you to include insects in your daily diet!

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Persuasive Writing by Ashleigh

We have write a Persuasive writing about people should include insects in their healthy diet.
People should include insects in their healthy diet.By Ashleigh

I agree people must include insects in their healthy diet, because insects include lots of nutrition and lots of energy in it. The bugs are way more healthier than beef, chickens and pork. Cows, chickens and pigs take lots of foods and lots of water to grow, so we should eat insects rather than meats.

Insects are the healthy food, not a disgusting food. Some people think insects are disgusting, because some of them are pests, like locusts. Some of them brought some disease, like lyme disease which was brought by ticks. But don’t worry because the insects that you eat wouldn’t have disease or poison in it, because they have checked the insects before they let someone eat it or sell it and they also make sure they don’t have disease or poison in it. Some of the insect has poison in it but if you clean up it you can still eat it.  
I think the insects are healthier than meats. The meats come from animals so if we want to eat meats we must kill the animal. Insects take less space and require less food to grow. Insects include iron, zinc and lots of nutrients. Insects are smaller than meat but it’s got much more iron than meat, iron is very important because it gives you lots of energies so that you can, walk, talk and, do anything.

Insects are better than meats. They are better than meats because they can keep growing and the insects grow very quick but the animals doesn’t so you should eat insects rather than meats. Which help your body. The animals grow very slow and take lots of time to turn adult.

Adult animals are getting killed by the people who want to eat meats, there are lots baby animals that grow up without parents because their parents are already get kill. Once the baby animals grow up they are going to get killed. If the adult animals get kill without baby we will have less animals to eat. Once there are no animals left we won’t have meats and if we don’t have meats our body won’t be healthy so we have to eat insects.

These are all the reasons why I think we should include bugs in people’s healthy diet, and there are all the reasons I think eating bugs are very important.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Charlie's how mummies were made.

This is my example of well you will see

While I was gardening, my brother feed the cat. AAAWWUBBIS

At school the playground, with a tall rope tower, is fun to play on. Complex interrupter

I must do my chores, or I won’t get any pocket money FANBOYS

I pluged in my computer. Then my computer started charging ZIG ZAG   

Here are some images of me spotting these things

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pativai's How Mummies were made ? Explimation Exlamplar

How mummies were made ?

Mrs Parkers literacy group has been working on sentance scructure. We started to highlight zig zags, AAAWWUBBIS, fanboys and complex intturupter that we could find in the text. It was sometimes easy to spot some and sometimes hard, and this is what I could find in this text.

Charlotte's How mummies were made ?

Carmen's sentence structure

We have been learning about sentence structure.

The Egyptians believed that there was an after life after death, that they thought you needed your body to go. So they mummified the body.

Firstly the body was placed on a table. The embalmer, who cared for the dead, cut a slit in either side of the body. This was to take out the organs such as stomach, liver, intestines and brain, which was removed by a large steel hook through the nose. These were removed because they hold moisture which causes rotting. Although the heart was left in, because they thought it controlled the body.

Once the body was empty, linen was put into cover the inside of the body, to suck up all the moisture. Now they covered the body with natron, a special mineral salt, and left it for forty days to dry. After drying, the linen was removed and the body was filled with sand, sawdust and spices. So the body would keep it’s shape.

Now the wrapping started which required up to 140m of linen. First the neck and head were wrapped with thin strips of linen. Then the fingers and toes. Next the main body parts were wrapped.

Once the body was fully wrapped, amulets were placed between the wrapping to ward off evil.
As well as a book of spells, in the dead person’s hands. This was because they thought he would need it in the afterlife.

Lastly the body was placed in a tomb to rest till it was ready for the afterlife.

Mummification was a very expensive process, so only the wealthy could have it done.

So is Fanboys
For forty days to dry. After drying... is a zig zag
Although is an AAAWWUBBIS
The embalmer, who cared for the dead, cut a slit in either side of the body. Is a complex interrupter.

Now I have some examples of my own.

After eating my cake, I had sugar rush.

Hi my name is Carmen, and I like swimming.

The washing line has clothes and they need to dry. After drying I can wear my clothes again. Zig zag

Mrs Parker, beautiful and inspiring, teaches netball. Complex interrupter.

How mummies were made by Ashleigh & Shanya

We learned how to use Fanboys, AAAWWUBBIS, ZIG ZAG and Complex interrupter. 


FANBOYS: I was not sleeping yet, even if my mum told me to.
Complex Interrupter: The big mountain,  very slippery and rocky,  was hard to climb.
ZIGZAG: I was willing to search for the diamonds. Diamonds are very expensive.
AAAWWUBBIS: Although I was scared of the cave I went into it to search for diamonds.


ZIG ZAG: When the storm has stop we are allowed to do something outside. Outside we did some paint.
AAAWWUBBIS: After we finished our homework, we will be allowed to do something fun!
Complex interrupter: After the the paint dries we need to glue some stuff on, like sparkle star and glitter, for decoration.
FANBOYS: I haven’t finished my work, so I need to do it in my own time.

Curies Sentence Structure

We have been learning about sentence structure and we scimmed and scanned for:
  • Fanboys
  • aaawwubbis
  • Complex interrupters
  • Zig zag interrupters
Here are the ones I found on the piece of writing that we all used.

These are the examples I came up with:
aaawwubbis:Before I do choir, I must drink some water.
fanboys:Hi I am Curie, and I love to dance.
zig zag:I need to melt the chocolate. After the chocolate has melted I can put it in the mix.
complex interrupter:Carmen, funny and sweet, is my friend.
By: Curie

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Book report week 4 by Ashleigh

Name Ashleigh Date 4/9/2016

Title of Book Monster Boy Gorgon Gaze

Author Shoo Rayner

Setting: (Time: future, past, modern]; place: country, town, landscape, season; rich, poverty etc.)

Main Characters
  • . Connor
  • . Gorgon
  • . Connor’s mom
  • .
  • .
  • .
Choose 1 main character to describe: What do they look like?
Gorgon has a sunglasses and lots of snake on her head.

Describe their personality (eg. Friendly, helpful, scary, bully)
Gorgon is scary, funny and friendly.

Summarize the story: Include PROBLEM/CONFLICT, Main Events and CONCLUSIONS
Connor’s mom went to the art competition her mom’s artwork was a mirror, and Connor says she want to play around with her mom’s last work it was an amazing car it can shows lots of thing, after that she went to the art competition to meet her mom then she saw a monster Gorgon she go look at the Mipod Xlit can tell what monster is it and what could it do. It says Gorgon is a danger monster if you look at it’s eyes it will make you into a stone but if it see herself in the mirror it can turn everything back so she use the mirror on her mom’s artwork to turn everything back.  

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
Yes because some of my friends like the fantasy story.