Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Persuasive Writing by Ashleigh

We have write a Persuasive writing about people should include insects in their healthy diet.
People should include insects in their healthy diet.By Ashleigh

I agree people must include insects in their healthy diet, because insects include lots of nutrition and lots of energy in it. The bugs are way more healthier than beef, chickens and pork. Cows, chickens and pigs take lots of foods and lots of water to grow, so we should eat insects rather than meats.

Insects are the healthy food, not a disgusting food. Some people think insects are disgusting, because some of them are pests, like locusts. Some of them brought some disease, like lyme disease which was brought by ticks. But don’t worry because the insects that you eat wouldn’t have disease or poison in it, because they have checked the insects before they let someone eat it or sell it and they also make sure they don’t have disease or poison in it. Some of the insect has poison in it but if you clean up it you can still eat it.  
I think the insects are healthier than meats. The meats come from animals so if we want to eat meats we must kill the animal. Insects take less space and require less food to grow. Insects include iron, zinc and lots of nutrients. Insects are smaller than meat but it’s got much more iron than meat, iron is very important because it gives you lots of energies so that you can, walk, talk and, do anything.

Insects are better than meats. They are better than meats because they can keep growing and the insects grow very quick but the animals doesn’t so you should eat insects rather than meats. Which help your body. The animals grow very slow and take lots of time to turn adult.

Adult animals are getting killed by the people who want to eat meats, there are lots baby animals that grow up without parents because their parents are already get kill. Once the baby animals grow up they are going to get killed. If the adult animals get kill without baby we will have less animals to eat. Once there are no animals left we won’t have meats and if we don’t have meats our body won’t be healthy so we have to eat insects.

These are all the reasons why I think we should include bugs in people’s healthy diet, and there are all the reasons I think eating bugs are very important.

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