Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Curies Should we bugs persuasive writing blog post

For two weeks Mrs Parker's literacy group has been writing to persuade somebody and our topic was should humans eat bugs and we all had two options either to agree or disagree and I chose disagree and wrote down three statements why we should not eat bugs in my opinion. Firstly we had to write a plan about how we will write, After we finished our plans we got started on writing.

Point of view- Disagree
Reason 1-It will taste weird.
Reason 2-It may sound healthy but some bugs could could have poison
Reason 3-It can creep you out if you look at it.
Conclusion- This is why.

Writing: Should we eat bugs?

I strongly believe that we should not eat bugs because I think that people eating their pests would be a bit of a scary feeling. I also have three main reasons why people should not eat bugs.

Firstly people now are creating videos about bugs being healthy and nutritious but they're missing the point some bugs could have either been flying or crawling around poisonous stuff such as gas or poisonous mushroom, What if the bugs had tiny pieces of mud on their feet or legs that nobody noticed and created a bug lollipop which would go in somebody’s mouth and that person would have eaten the tiny mud pieces on the bugs leg or feet.

Secondly the bugs will taste really weird when you have it in your mouth. Normally people call bugs as a pest and if someone asked them to eat a bug they would think immediately that the bug is yuck. Although only a few people over the world likes to eat bugs tier could be an undiscovered poison hiding in the bug. I think that eating a bug would taste like puke.

Thirdly most bugs are pests to humans so think about it a human eating a pest would be a nightmare for them even I would be scared to even eat a delicious lollipop with only one tiny ant inside the lollipop. I believe that people who are scared of bugs will be even more scared to even put it in their mouth.

Now this is why I think humans should not eat bugs. I hope these reasons would make you think should humans eat bugs or not?

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