Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Carmen's sentence structure

We have been learning about sentence structure.

The Egyptians believed that there was an after life after death, that they thought you needed your body to go. So they mummified the body.

Firstly the body was placed on a table. The embalmer, who cared for the dead, cut a slit in either side of the body. This was to take out the organs such as stomach, liver, intestines and brain, which was removed by a large steel hook through the nose. These were removed because they hold moisture which causes rotting. Although the heart was left in, because they thought it controlled the body.

Once the body was empty, linen was put into cover the inside of the body, to suck up all the moisture. Now they covered the body with natron, a special mineral salt, and left it for forty days to dry. After drying, the linen was removed and the body was filled with sand, sawdust and spices. So the body would keep it’s shape.

Now the wrapping started which required up to 140m of linen. First the neck and head were wrapped with thin strips of linen. Then the fingers and toes. Next the main body parts were wrapped.

Once the body was fully wrapped, amulets were placed between the wrapping to ward off evil.
As well as a book of spells, in the dead person’s hands. This was because they thought he would need it in the afterlife.

Lastly the body was placed in a tomb to rest till it was ready for the afterlife.

Mummification was a very expensive process, so only the wealthy could have it done.

So is Fanboys
For forty days to dry. After drying... is a zig zag
Although is an AAAWWUBBIS
The embalmer, who cared for the dead, cut a slit in either side of the body. Is a complex interrupter.

Now I have some examples of my own.

After eating my cake, I had sugar rush.

Hi my name is Carmen, and I like swimming.

The washing line has clothes and they need to dry. After drying I can wear my clothes again. Zig zag

Mrs Parker, beautiful and inspiring, teaches netball. Complex interrupter.


  1. THanks for sharing Carmen, I can tell by reading your examples that you are confident recognising and writing these types of sentences. I can't wait to see them in your writing during literacy time!

  2. The Mummy text was so interesting and made me want to keep reading. What was so engaging with this particular text Carmen? Could you write a similar text? What would you have to do? Thankyou for your ideas. Yes you described Mrs Parker accurately.