Tuesday, 13 September 2016

We should include insects in our daily diet By: Shanya

In Mrs. Parker's literacy group we have been learning about persuasive writing. Our topic is why we should include insects in our daily diet?

We should include insects in our daily diet
By: Shanya

I agree that we should include insects in our daily diet, because it keeps you healthy if you try eating it, insects improves our environment and there are many other ways to eat insects!

Insects have a lot of nutrition. Scientific research has shown that eating insects is healthier than eating beef, pork and chickens. By eating insects it gives you protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and it is also low in fat, these give you what your body needs to stay healthy. Insects contain 80% protein, which is the body's vital building blocks. Many people in the world are already eating insects. Insects are more digestible, than eating meat. If you love eating lobster, peanut butter, chocolate and crab, then you are most likely eating an insect. Eating insects will make a good change for environmental problems.

Insects help our environment by not harming it. Insects are very enviro friendly because they don’t do any harm to the environment and insects don’t need high facility care. Here are 2 major problems in the environment, greenhouse gas and agriculture. We use 27,600 L of fresh water to produce 1 kg of meat. Although insects use fresh water, It only takes 1L to produce 1 kg of insects. That's because insects can be nearly hydrated by the food they eat! It takes 200 square meters of land to just provide beef, and only 15 square meters of land to provide 1 pound of insects.

Not convinced yet! Well if you don’t think that it taste great then here are some ways to eat it. There are many ways to cook or even bake insects. If you look at it and think it’s gross then hide the insect in your meal for the day. You think it might taste awful but people say that it taste like roasted peanuts, shrimp, chicken and popcorn. In some countries they drizzle it with chocolate, then snack on it. Say, when you try a cricket and you don’t like, well there’s a solution for that, there are many insects in the world that are edible and delicious. Eating insects, scrumptious and delicious, is like eating your favourite meal.

Eating insects is good for your body and is healthier, and also it will improve the environment because insects don't need huge facility care and is less expensive. I hope I have persuaded you to include insects in your daily diet!

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  1. Hi Shanya,
    I like the way that you put lots of information in your writing and the way that you organize your idea in to paragraph.

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