Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Maya's bug essay

INTRODUCTION w POV, and list your main idea
We should eat bugs because
Reason 1:bugs are easy to take care of
Reason 2:they are very healthy for you
Reason 3:Bugs in the future may be the only food left
Bug’s should be given a chance to taste good as food because it could help the starving children out there in the world. I really do care about the starving children out there and It does not cost money to raise bugs and then children could have a better shot at life and adults that are living on the streets. Bugs also have iron,calcium,vitamin a b and c,protein and all those things unlike meat and bacon and vegetables. Animal farming causes greenhouse gas and that is very bad for the outdoors trees, bugs and all sorts. Meanwhile, bug farming causes none of that stuff.   
Add in:if we keep doing this there will be no other food
GreenHouse gases are pollution from methane which is the gas that we fart and so do cows farts cause greenhouse gases.  Cows also poop and pee in water sources but not the water that we drink.  Greenhouse gases is air and water pollution with can people very sick like the people in palmerston north.  If this keeps going on the town is going to have a demand for food like there already is in some countries bugs can solve that problem you can find them almost anywhere and take no effort to take care of and actually don't taste that bad.
Add in:Bugs probably taste like nothing anyway
Reason 3 - food of the future
In the future if we don't think about what we are eating before we eat it than bugs may be the only thing we have left to eat.Water sources and food sources may be polluted because of animal farming.The reason why this would happen is because when cows poo and pee it goes into water and if this keeps happening then it might get into the water that we rink but that is not what is happening right now luckily.If we start doing things like eating bugs then we can stop things like this from happening.And bugs can actually taste good for example scorpion lollipops the lollipop does not just taste good the bug actually gives a banana flavour to the lollipop which makes it more fun to eat.

In conclusion we should eat bugs or we will have to be forced to eat them and there will be no other food left apart from bugs.
Screenshot 2016-09-12 at 12.01.11 PM.png
1 Bugs contain lots of iron
2 Bugs contain lots of calcium
3 Bugs contain lots of vitamins

4 Bugs contain lots of other healthy things that are good for us to eat

The activity was to write three paragraphs on three main ideas why we should or should not eat bugs

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