Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Writing poem by:Shanya

This is my poem about writing. I have been reading a poem called rain, for apply understanding we had to write a poem about writing which was very hard!

Pativai's Animation Of Rain

This is a animation of a poem called rain written by hone tuwhare. This is a story of what people do when they have a disabilite to not see, hear, smell, feel or taste. He explains things about  how he feels about rain and what other people fell about it when they go and play in the rain. I like this poem because it is really insperastional with al the things that he says about rain.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Rain by Ashleigh

We need to learn our language features so we were writing a poem.

Curie's Rain Animation

This week Pukeko have been reading a poem called Rain and at the end we got a choice of writing a poem, creating an animation or voice recording us singing the poem in a tune and I chose to create an animation.
Here is my animation:

Rain by Carmen

This week we were making Poems we had a choice of 

making an animation for a poem or making our own poems. 

I chose to make my own poem.

The butterfly effect

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mays next chapter

My reading activity was to write another chapter to the book The Butterfly Effect by Stephanie Mateku. Here is my chapter.

Soon After Emily and Henry used fly spray on the cocoon it started to crumble and then crack then all of a sudden boom boom it burst open.and up into the air went a beautiful butterfly with black and blue wings a black body and a beautiful face with long black hair and she said to Henry and Emily come on let's go and have some fun and you can call me Marry I had to get old to try this experiment so i waited and waited wanting to tell you that I was only grumpy because I had to wait so long to finally look beautiful again so I am so sorry that I was so mean to you here is some gifts to make up for what I did to you.”Oh thank you so much mrs anderson i forgive you”Said emily and henry said “thank you mrs anderson for your Kindness.  

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The butterfly Effect By Charlie

This is my finished chapter of the book The Butterfly Effect.For writing we had to add a chapter to this book because we all though it did not really have an ending. Hope You Enjoy

As the cocoon slowly opened Emily and Henry Both held up there fly spray even higher and They waited and waited and ten seconds after The cocoon cracked open dramatically with a burst of light. Unsurprisingly to Emily and Henry Mrs Anderson was still not very pretty she had improved a little but it was not very noticeable apart from the fact the she now had black and white wings with a whitish gray dress.”Now” Shouted Henry sharply, Emily and Henry both sprayed there fly spray as much as they could till mrs anderson dropped faintly. “Yes”said to herself quietly. “Why?” asked Mrs Anderson weakly “ Why Me? Why Now?”   “Wha  what do you m mean”  Stammered Henry In a confused voice. But Mrs Anderson just stared back politely then she finally said I'm so sorry I was mean I just just ah It was Part of My my my…. Mrs anderson trailed off,  not finishing her sentence. Henry and Emily both knelt down to help mrs anderson up and then helped her sit up right on the chair, and gave her a glass of water.After that she felt much better and explained the whole story to them, Apparently Mrs Anderson had to be mean to them and have a big amount of food to become a butterfly and that she was actually really nice.

The End

Monday, 20 June 2016

The butterfly effect by: Shanya

Butterfly effect
I have been writing a chapter that I wrote for the book butterfly effect by Stephanie Matuku and the character inference chart next to it. I have drawn a picture of Mrs Anderson when she comes out of the cocoon.

Suddenly, the cocoon was shaking and it became pale and dull, it started to open slowly. Emily said  sternly in a shocked voice “Do you think that she will get us, once she has turned into a butterfly.” Then Henry replied “Yes I think so, because she doesn’t like us at all.” The cocoon started shaking even more, then all of a sudden a lady butterfly came out with pink faded wings and a butterfly gray dress. Mrs Anderson said softly and nicely to Emily and Henry  “Come on Henry and Emily I am taking you to the, shops to celebrate my success,”  then they thought how would she go to the shops without anyone knowing that she was a butterfly lady.They both noticed something different about Mrs Anderson. The thing they didn’t know was that once Mrs Anderson had turned into the butterfly she had became nicer,  because butterflies were nice.

Pativai's Butterfly Effect

This is my little paragragh of what will happen next in the buttefly effect. This is what I thought could be happening next and this is what I think should happen next.

Emily and Henry sprayed the cocoon as the cocoon started to slowly open. It slightly cracked open then it opened fully, there was an beam of light coming out of the cocoon. Mrs Anderson dropped on the floor with her eyes closed like a sleepy sloth. Emily and Henry rolled her over to see if she was alright, then they could see sparkles coming from behind her. Emily and Henry saw something pop up it was wing a beautiful, silk wing with the colours of purple, blue black and pink. Meanwhile Mrs Anderson started to float in the air having a beam of light shining on her then there were sparkles going around her and you could see her starting to change. When the beam of light went Mrs Anderson floated calmly back onto the ground and Emily and Henry both were shocked. Mrs Anderson said “ Hello kids thank you for releasing me out of that cocoon. You both shall have the gift of whatever you want please choose wisely there is only one wish” as she said in a very polite voice. Emily was shocked in excitement and then she closed and eyes and then wished for an happy family. Henry wanted to wish that he could be rich, then he wished that his whole family would have an awesome house and car then his wish came true. Mrs Anderson started to float slowly through the air like an beautiful angel. Then Henry and Emily started to fly Mrs Anderson was the most kindest person that Emily and Henry has ever met. Two days later they heard the car quickly coming through the driveway. Emily and Henry’s wings disappeared as they quickly ran to their parents and their parents opened their arms and hugged Emily and Henry. Then Mrs Anderson walked calmly down the stairs going through the pathway Emily and Henry’s Parents thanked Mrs Anderson and then Mrs Anderson quickly walked home and when she got into the house it turned plain white and the trees slowly bloomed with lovely flowers, and green fresh grass it was like an beautiful angel was lliving there and Emily thought maybe Mrs Anderson is a angel.

The Butterfly Effect by Ashleigh

Use this organiser for narrative texts that you read.
What are the FACTS?
What did the character SAY?
What did they DO?
What might the character have been THINKING?Infer about the character - make judgements on the character’s personality

When Mrs Anderson became a butterfly, she was an ugly butterfly, she had black wings and gray body. “Mrs Anderson” Emily said it worriedly. Mrs Anderson turned off light and was flying around the house she didn’t want anybody to see her ugly wings. “Do not turn the light on” Mrs Anderson said softly. Suddenly Emily and Henry heard the strange sound “Is it a ghost?” Henry screamed, Emily turned the light on and they saw Mrs Anderson had  black wings and gray body, “What are you doing Mrs Anderson?” they asked curiously. Mrs Anderson was very angry and they also can see the smoke blowing out of her ears. Mrs Anderson quickly turned the light off again, and Mrs Anderson got out of the window and got back to her own spooky house.

Curies The Butterfly Effect

This time The Pukeko group has been reading a book called The Butterfly effect and we did some tasks about the book. While we read this book we learnt about adverbs and what they are. Adverbs are and descrptive verb that ends with an "ly".
This is my character inference chart about Mrs Anderson a lady in the story:

On Thursday we had to wright the ending of the story in our own way.:
They didn’t mind waiting at all…
Suddenly Emily and Henry heard a zip sound that whooshed theirs minds of waiting they raised the hands nervously to the mysterious cocoon they had sweat all over their faces they could not wait to get rid of this cruel women.

During that most exciting moment Henry had noticed that the toad Mrs Anderson owned was licking a piece of paper on a wrecked book Emily cautiously stepped forward while Henry held his can of fly spray, Gently Emily flipped over the pages and read them quietly until she stopped and she stood there and froze in shock she dropped her can of fly spray and shut her eyes and the last movement was turning around.

At last she tip toed to Henry and whispered to him everything she had read but Henry was confused so he accidentally blurted out “Butterfly?” but after he said that they both heard a loud zip and then they quickly raised the can of fly spray ready to spray it on Mrs Anderson but suddenly the toad started croaking and they accidentally thought it was Mrs Anderson so they sprayed it on the cocoon instead.

Suddenly it became all foggy in the room and Henry covered his face with his hands so he wouldn’t breathe the gas meanwhile he had realised that Emily had disappeared he called out her name softly until she saw her under the bed, Emily had quickly crawled out of the bed.

Until she saw Mrs Anderson’s head popping out so Emily screamed as Mrs anderson bursted out of the cocoon and she was no longer an old lady she was half butterfly and half human but she had her eyebrow down which meant she was angry and surely she was because she shouted at the kids “How dare you two little brutes sneak in my personal private area you little eggs come here right now!” She shouted across the room as she was flying she was starting to destroy the house Emily screamed to Henry “Henry quickly run and grab our precious stuff hurry” SHe said in a mad rush.

By the time they reached outside the house was broken down they saw Mrs Anderson on the ground with broken wings and messy hair they realised she was gone forever they danced around happy but then their parents car was coming back they got scared so they quickly superglued their desks and found their maths books and found a pen and pencil each so they sat pretending that they didn’t see anything but no luck their parents saw poor Mrs Anderson and said to their kids “You two are grounded until you die” They both said grumpily.

The End  
By Curie

Pativai's Character Inference chart

I have made this character inference about emily in the sroty of the butterfly affect. The thing that I could mostly se in emily is that she is a polite girl that takes risk and be brave at all times. She knows things are no good and she knows poeple are no good to and she knows that Mrs Anderson is no good.

Carmen's The butterfly effect

This week the Pukekos have been reading a book called the butterfly effect we had to describe the character. We also had to write the next chapter of the book.

After spraying the cocoon with two cans of fly spray the horrible pale creature dropped out.
It still looked like Mrs Anderson but as a ugly pale bug. I softly yelled “Mrs Anderson is that you?”
No answer.
After a few hours Emily called the pest control. They were late but… Mrs Anderbutterfly thing had escaped out the window but the pest control was trying to track her down.

Finally after a few days pest control found Mrs Anderbutterfly. She had changed Henry yelled quietly “ Mrs Anderson hello??” she replied “GET OUT OF MY FACE KID.” “That was really mean” Emily whispered Mrs anderson truly had changed from strict to really really mean. “Mum had got informed about this! Eventually Mrs Anderbutterfly was set free out into the wild


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

This is my mission bay recount it had taken me a very long time to write hope you like it!

Key Words
  1. Waka Race
  2. Beach Flags
  3. Relays
  4. Soccer
  5. Windy
  6. Cold
  7. Fantastic

On the 7th of June something fantastic happened…..

We had a class trip to mission bay! This trip was for are collaborative concept. It was a lot of fun!

Our bus to mission bay was supposed to come at 9.15 but then ended up coming at 10.00! When we the bus finally arrived we all got on excitedly.When got there, there was a big extravaganza because everybody was trying to get off at the same time.When everybody was off we went to the playground for some playtime on the playground I had a lot of fun there but the fun had only just begun.

Next we all pushed though the wind trying to get to the sandy part of the beach.when we got there we all sat down while the teachers explained the rules to the sandcastle competition, then off we went into the sand ( by the time we got to the sand most of us had sand in our eyes) When the sandcastle comp was finished the teachers announced the winners.It was the tanifa group!
Displaying IMG_6983.JPG

They were all called up and got presented medals for amazing collaboration in the sand castle and now you are probably wondering why I said they got a medal for amazing collaboration and not for the best sand castle is because this trip was about learning to collaborate .

Then we did or rotations I did Relays first then I did Beach flags I won a lot of the games but then I got distracted. Last I did soccer It not was not a proper game it was a number type but it too hard for me to explain to you.

Soon after we did the rotations it was time for the WAKA RACE.( Not real wakas just models that we made in class ) Although it wasn’t really a race because nobody took it seriously but no one was expected to take it seriously it was just for fun.

After the Waka race we played on the playground for a  bit that was fun because the mission bay seesaw was enormous a lot of people came one by one to join Me, Maya, Riley, Holly & Amy soon the seesaw was full and mrs parker also came and joined us for a bit.Then it was time to go back to school I had a Fantastic day!             

Mayas book reveiw

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Curies mission bay recount

On the 7th of JUne huub 8 wentto mission bay for our concept learning and when we came back we wrote a recount about mission bya and what we did there.
Now here is my recount plan and writing.
Who: Hub 8
What: We did lots of collaborative activities.
When: June 7 2016
Where: At Mission Bay
Why: We were learning how to Collaboration Concept.


My Writing:
On the 7th of June hub 8 went to Mission Bay for concept because we were learning to collaborate with different people by doing three collaborative activities and they were a sandcastle competition, rotation of three games and a waka race on the fountain.

Firstly we got into our collaborative groups and chose a area in the sand between a tree and a bin our group chose our space next to shells and near the water. I got a little scared because it was extremely cold and the wind was  about to make me fall to the ground so I thought our sandcastles would have cracks and fall down. One person from our group brought along with him three buckets and two spades but it wasn’t enough for everyone so we had to share the equipment. Our team had agreed on building a huge sandcastle but it was too difficult so we decided to build a little kingdom called the hub 8 kingdom which was fantastic we managed to share the buckets and build three towers in the middle of the kingdom which was the royal castle.  After doing the castle I drew a big circle using a spade and told our group that it was the kingdom, next we built single buildings out of sand and decorated the houses with shells and seaweed. Moments later the teachers announced the winner for the competition and the winner was the group that built the Taniwha which looked amazing.

Eventually after having a good time on the playground the next collaborative activity hub 8 did was a rotation of three different games in our gaurdian groups and the games were beach relays, beach flags and beach soccer, Everyone started with their own  guardian teacher which meant our guardian group went with Whaea Nin and she did relays which were actually running relays meanwhile Mr Stuart’s group was doing beach flags and Mrs Parker’s group were doing soccer. Next we went to Mr Stuart and he was doing beach flags it was very simple somebody put down 5 sticks in the sand and six people lay down on the sand and after he said go we run and garb one stick per person the person that did not get a stick loses. Finally we went to do soccer with Mrs Parker we got split into two groups and played Mrs Parker called out a number and that many people ran out to play.

Lastly we did an amazing waka race on the fountain. Everyone that finished making their waka’s placed their waka on the water carefully and we all pushed the the water to the left to help them move better on the water. After a few minutes most of the wakas were floating upside down while the others were fine.

I felt that this trip was a great way to learn how to collaborate with other people than just our friends, I did enjoy most of the activities except the relay because I didn’t understand how that was collaborative and at the same time I did hurt myself real bad but everything else was awesome.

Carmen's mission bay recount

On the 7th of June hub 8 went on a trip to mission bay beach for our concept learning.
Hope you enjoy my recount writing.
What a mission

Intro - 5 w’s + hook
1st paragraph - In the hub waiting
2nd paragraph - On the bus
3rd paragraph - Morning tea
4th paragraph -  Sandcastle comp
5th - Waka race
I did not do the rotations

On the 7th of June hub 8 went to Mission bay beach for our concept learning. We had already planned the trip and wrote a letter to Miss Martin did the E.O.T.C  Ram’s rules and all that.

After getting to school late the bell had rung. Hub 8 was very excited to be going on our trip to Mission bay beach! But the bus was late so we played some games to pass the time. We played 20 questions Boys vs Girls and the girls won.

Soon after the bus finally arrived. We all piled on the bus and we were off to the beach. I was seated next to one of the parents Kyle's Mum I wished I could have sat with Curie but I was right at the back of the line and she was at the front. It took about 10 - 15 minutes to get there.
As soon as we got out of the bus it was already morning tea so everyone got out their morning tea and started to munch on their yummy food. We were allowed to play on the Mission bay playground that had swings and a slide and a baby place.

Time to come off the playground and start making our sand castles for the sandcastle comp my group decided we could make a taniwha design in the sand. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, tools down said Whaea Nin our time was up all of us got to look at each others my team won the comp we all got medals. :)

Finally it was time for the waka race I had been looking forward to this for the whole day. I felt like jumping up and down but I couldn't. We placed our waka’s in the fountain and pushed the water to the left. Turns out Yahya’s waka had won the race.

I had lot’s of fun even with my sore ankle. I liked watching the waka’s in the water but that was the end of our trip I hope we can come again.      
By Carmen

Displaying IMG_6983.JPGDisplaying IMG_6995.JPG

Monday, 13 June 2016

Mission bay by: Shanya

This is my writing about hub 8's trip to Mission bay.

The magnificent Mission bay trip

On Tuesday we went to Mission bay for concept, because we had decided that we needed to work on collaboration more. The whole hub went to Mission bay on a bus. We did some competitions and sports game.

First I was getting ready with the my group in the hub. The teachers told us that the bus was coming at 10:00 all of us moaned with anger. Finally the bus came on time at 10:00, we were glad. I lined up and started walking down to the bus. I was excited. I sat in the bus next to Ashikka the entire time to Mission bay. We arrived at Mission bay, but as we arrived the wind started howling. All of a sudden the wind stopped and the sun came up. We went and sat on the grass next to the giant playground and ate our morning tea, when I was done I played with some friends, we played tag.

Mr stuart whistled and we sat down again on the grass. We had to move, because the other side of the beach had more sand and that meant we wouldn’t get wet. Finally we reached the other side of the beach. I put my bag down and went into our sandcastle competition group and raced to the beach. We built our sandcastle in 45 minutes. We had  included some seaweed, rocks, twigs, shells and of course sand, we were building a volcano. At the end we didn’t win, it was the taniwha group that won. I was tired, but I knew that we did great. I was really hungry but I had to wait another hour or so.

Next we went back to our bags. I put my socks on and shoes, but then Mr Stuart told us that we had some games rotations, I was furious because I just put my shoes on and cleaned my feet. I took them of and followed Mr Stuart down to the end of the beach. We played beach flags, but I only got 1 stick out of the whole entire race, then we rotated to mrs Parker she was doing beach soccer. I didn’t get a goal, but I was determined to try and get one. The next rotation was when I had no more energy left and I was puffed. It was running relays with whaea Nin. We had to run around Amelie and back it felt like I was running the olympics. It was hard to run in the sand, because it was soft but the shells were sharp. I had to look out where I was going.

After we had some lunch. After we had lunch we moved to the same spot that we were before, next to the playground. During when we were moving I fell down and grassed my knee and the side of my hand. It was sore, I washed it off at the water fountain, I felt better. So when we got there we got to play. We got our wakas and raced of to the fountain. Me and Maddy shared my waka. So we put our waka in the water and it went around the water fountain, but my waka tipped over. As soon as I turned it around the sail had soaked up into the water, then my stick that was holding the sail fall of. It was a disaster. I finally got my waka out of the water fountain and packed up, then we got on the bus and got back to school safely.

I felt happy, sad, furious, excited, hurt and dizzy. That trip to Mission bay was the first trip this year that we had gone out of stonefields to learn. I liked this trip!

Pativai's Mission Bay Recount

Mission Bay Trip

On the 7th of June it was a Tuesday morning and it was nice and bright. Hub 8 was going onto a special trip to Mission Bay we were going to build sandcastles and play fun games. We went there because we thought it would be great to collaborate with other people.

First we went onto the bus and off we went to Mission Bay. I got off the bus and then we sat down and ate. After we ate we went to go build our sand castles, we got in our groups and my group was building a waka. We all encouraged everyone to win but my friend’s Aashna’s group won and I was happy for her.

Secondly we got into our guardian groups and went to our guardian teacher and then did our games. I was with Whaea Nin and we were doing relay’s. Our group won but then we moved, onto the next activity and it was called beach flags.

We had to lie on our backs then turn over get up and run, to try and get the batons. There were only five battens but six people so then we played and ran as fast as we could to get them. In my first beach flag race I managed to get one and in my second I managed to get two.

The last rotation was soccer but different. Mrs Parker had to call a number out and then that many people had to run around the outline, of the cones in our first race I was in it and we managed to get an goal in. In my second turn I was goalie then I switched and then they got the goal. Overall the other team won.

We went and ate lunch and after eating we came back into pronounce the people that were being determined and I got the first award. We ran to the playground and started to play on the swings. We played tag then came back in for the boat race. It was exciting although I did not get to bring my boat we cheered on Charlotte’s boat.

We got around the whole fountain and then we watched all the other boats go around it. We got our bags. Faith, Cooper and I did a special thank you to the parents and teachers to thank them for coming and supporting us.

I had a fun time doing all these games and fun activities. I collaborated a lot with my group a although we did not win we felt happy about our sand castle. Having to work with other people was really fun and we ad a lot of encouragement from other teams parents and teachers.

Trip to Mission Bay By Ashleigh

This is my recount about our Mission Bay trip.

Trip to Mission Bay

Yesterday was a sunny but windy Tuesday and it’s also it’s the day for hub 8’s Mission Bay trip. First we used our last planning time planned what we going to do for our sandcastle competition. Then we got on the bus for Mission Bay. After that we got to Mission Bay.

At the beginning of the trip we ate our morning tea then we have some play time to played on the playground. Then we did sandcastle competition for me and Ashikka got some shells others were builded the sandcastle we were talking about at planning time.

First we got some shells back then joined others to make sandcastle. First thought we didn’t get enough time to make the sandcastle we were thinking about so we changed our plan to make a village and there was a volcano in the middle of the village so we got found some seaweed to make lava. After we made lava we found some branches to made the word welcome in front of the village.

Then we finished our sandcastle then we got to looked others. We got back to the field then we told about which team’s sandcastle was the best, and the winning team was the group who made the snack sandcastle there were Yahya, Sam, Carmen, Aashna and Mugdha. Then teacher told us there sandcastle was not the best but there collaboration was the best.

After that 15 mins before lunch we did 3 rotations of collaborative games first we did the beach flag for 5 mins. We have 4 sticks between 5 people so we needed to run fast to make sure we didn't miss out.

At the last we changed to beach soccer, first we split to 2 group when teacher shouted out the number there is the number of the people had to race with other team we ran around the corn and try to get the ball in the middle and tried hard to shut in other team’s goal.

After that 10 mins we did our last rotation it was relay race. Each group got 1 stick we needed to run fast and go around Amelie and run back give the stick to other person and we needed to did that 2 time. After our last rotation it's our lunch time, and after we ate our lunch we had time to play on the playground.

At the end of this trip we finally did our waka race first we put our waka in the fountain and we put our hand in the water then pushed the water so the water could push the waka go in a circle we collaborate to let the waka go around the circle. The bus was coming time to go back to school but this is my wicked trip and I very enjoyed the sandcastle competition because we could collaborative with the people we haven’t work with.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Current events summary by Ashleigh

I used this organizer to put the main details of what happened in an event.
Read the text at least three times and record as much information for each text box as possible.

Charlie & Maya's Book Review

This is Maya and I's Book Review. The book we did was outward bound. If you want to know more about outward bound read my book review and maybe get the book you self if you are interested.

Carmen's book review

Over the past few days Mrs Parker's literacy group has been doing an activity ... a book review here is my book review.

This is a true story based on war. There's lot’s of new and challenging vocab you could learn in this story.

It’s a very interesting and cool book because you can basically go back to wartime from all the detail. The book explains what war would be like in the olden days. The main character signed the treaty of witangi for his tribe in 1840.

Patiavi's Book Review

Pativai’s Kapa Haka Book Review

The thing that most inspires me is that I love how they are talking about how they go through and what the kapa haka diary is about.

The thing that  liked most about the book was that it had some words that I did not know, and it had a, lot of great meaning to it. Some of the words I found that I already knew about it and what it meant.

The thing that I did not like about the book was that it did not have that much information about what was going on and, what they had to do at the artsplash and at practice times.

My most favourite part about the book is, the costumes that they had and the way that, they put a meaning into this word called moko which meant that a kind of tattoo on the girls chins and an tatto on the boys face that, they have for an maori tradition.
Screenshot 2016-06-08 at 11.43.31 AM.png