Monday, 13 June 2016

Trip to Mission Bay By Ashleigh

This is my recount about our Mission Bay trip.

Trip to Mission Bay

Yesterday was a sunny but windy Tuesday and it’s also it’s the day for hub 8’s Mission Bay trip. First we used our last planning time planned what we going to do for our sandcastle competition. Then we got on the bus for Mission Bay. After that we got to Mission Bay.

At the beginning of the trip we ate our morning tea then we have some play time to played on the playground. Then we did sandcastle competition for me and Ashikka got some shells others were builded the sandcastle we were talking about at planning time.

First we got some shells back then joined others to make sandcastle. First thought we didn’t get enough time to make the sandcastle we were thinking about so we changed our plan to make a village and there was a volcano in the middle of the village so we got found some seaweed to make lava. After we made lava we found some branches to made the word welcome in front of the village.

Then we finished our sandcastle then we got to looked others. We got back to the field then we told about which team’s sandcastle was the best, and the winning team was the group who made the snack sandcastle there were Yahya, Sam, Carmen, Aashna and Mugdha. Then teacher told us there sandcastle was not the best but there collaboration was the best.

After that 15 mins before lunch we did 3 rotations of collaborative games first we did the beach flag for 5 mins. We have 4 sticks between 5 people so we needed to run fast to make sure we didn't miss out.

At the last we changed to beach soccer, first we split to 2 group when teacher shouted out the number there is the number of the people had to race with other team we ran around the corn and try to get the ball in the middle and tried hard to shut in other team’s goal.

After that 10 mins we did our last rotation it was relay race. Each group got 1 stick we needed to run fast and go around Amelie and run back give the stick to other person and we needed to did that 2 time. After our last rotation it's our lunch time, and after we ate our lunch we had time to play on the playground.

At the end of this trip we finally did our waka race first we put our waka in the fountain and we put our hand in the water then pushed the water so the water could push the waka go in a circle we collaborate to let the waka go around the circle. The bus was coming time to go back to school but this is my wicked trip and I very enjoyed the sandcastle competition because we could collaborative with the people we haven’t work with.

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