Monday, 20 June 2016

The Butterfly Effect by Ashleigh

Use this organiser for narrative texts that you read.
What are the FACTS?
What did the character SAY?
What did they DO?
What might the character have been THINKING?Infer about the character - make judgements on the character’s personality

When Mrs Anderson became a butterfly, she was an ugly butterfly, she had black wings and gray body. “Mrs Anderson” Emily said it worriedly. Mrs Anderson turned off light and was flying around the house she didn’t want anybody to see her ugly wings. “Do not turn the light on” Mrs Anderson said softly. Suddenly Emily and Henry heard the strange sound “Is it a ghost?” Henry screamed, Emily turned the light on and they saw Mrs Anderson had  black wings and gray body, “What are you doing Mrs Anderson?” they asked curiously. Mrs Anderson was very angry and they also can see the smoke blowing out of her ears. Mrs Anderson quickly turned the light off again, and Mrs Anderson got out of the window and got back to her own spooky house.

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