Monday, 20 June 2016

Pativai's Butterfly Effect

This is my little paragragh of what will happen next in the buttefly effect. This is what I thought could be happening next and this is what I think should happen next.

Emily and Henry sprayed the cocoon as the cocoon started to slowly open. It slightly cracked open then it opened fully, there was an beam of light coming out of the cocoon. Mrs Anderson dropped on the floor with her eyes closed like a sleepy sloth. Emily and Henry rolled her over to see if she was alright, then they could see sparkles coming from behind her. Emily and Henry saw something pop up it was wing a beautiful, silk wing with the colours of purple, blue black and pink. Meanwhile Mrs Anderson started to float in the air having a beam of light shining on her then there were sparkles going around her and you could see her starting to change. When the beam of light went Mrs Anderson floated calmly back onto the ground and Emily and Henry both were shocked. Mrs Anderson said “ Hello kids thank you for releasing me out of that cocoon. You both shall have the gift of whatever you want please choose wisely there is only one wish” as she said in a very polite voice. Emily was shocked in excitement and then she closed and eyes and then wished for an happy family. Henry wanted to wish that he could be rich, then he wished that his whole family would have an awesome house and car then his wish came true. Mrs Anderson started to float slowly through the air like an beautiful angel. Then Henry and Emily started to fly Mrs Anderson was the most kindest person that Emily and Henry has ever met. Two days later they heard the car quickly coming through the driveway. Emily and Henry’s wings disappeared as they quickly ran to their parents and their parents opened their arms and hugged Emily and Henry. Then Mrs Anderson walked calmly down the stairs going through the pathway Emily and Henry’s Parents thanked Mrs Anderson and then Mrs Anderson quickly walked home and when she got into the house it turned plain white and the trees slowly bloomed with lovely flowers, and green fresh grass it was like an beautiful angel was lliving there and Emily thought maybe Mrs Anderson is a angel.

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