Wednesday, 15 June 2016

This is my mission bay recount it had taken me a very long time to write hope you like it!

Key Words
  1. Waka Race
  2. Beach Flags
  3. Relays
  4. Soccer
  5. Windy
  6. Cold
  7. Fantastic

On the 7th of June something fantastic happened…..

We had a class trip to mission bay! This trip was for are collaborative concept. It was a lot of fun!

Our bus to mission bay was supposed to come at 9.15 but then ended up coming at 10.00! When we the bus finally arrived we all got on excitedly.When got there, there was a big extravaganza because everybody was trying to get off at the same time.When everybody was off we went to the playground for some playtime on the playground I had a lot of fun there but the fun had only just begun.

Next we all pushed though the wind trying to get to the sandy part of the beach.when we got there we all sat down while the teachers explained the rules to the sandcastle competition, then off we went into the sand ( by the time we got to the sand most of us had sand in our eyes) When the sandcastle comp was finished the teachers announced the winners.It was the tanifa group!
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They were all called up and got presented medals for amazing collaboration in the sand castle and now you are probably wondering why I said they got a medal for amazing collaboration and not for the best sand castle is because this trip was about learning to collaborate .

Then we did or rotations I did Relays first then I did Beach flags I won a lot of the games but then I got distracted. Last I did soccer It not was not a proper game it was a number type but it too hard for me to explain to you.

Soon after we did the rotations it was time for the WAKA RACE.( Not real wakas just models that we made in class ) Although it wasn’t really a race because nobody took it seriously but no one was expected to take it seriously it was just for fun.

After the Waka race we played on the playground for a  bit that was fun because the mission bay seesaw was enormous a lot of people came one by one to join Me, Maya, Riley, Holly & Amy soon the seesaw was full and mrs parker also came and joined us for a bit.Then it was time to go back to school I had a Fantastic day!             

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