Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Curies Book Review

The last two weeks Mrs Parker's Literacy group did a book review and a Tic tac toe activity. We read a book of our choice and after reading we did a book review.

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The title of the book I read was called The Desert Kaupoi
I enjoyed reading about this book because I got to learn more about world war and about this young soldier named Tony and about his adventures as a soldier.
This activity is when we choose three boxes and we do a book review of a book we read . For this activity we always must do volcabulary and go down, sideway or diagonal I went diagonal and did intresting fact, vocabulary and summary.
Here is my book review:

Interesting Fact:The most interesting fact I found out was that fighting soldiers was not the only problem insects and stuff carried diseases around too.
I also felt that another interesting fact was I never knew that Germany attacked most of the countries in Europe but didn’t attack the England.

Vocabulary:Vocabulary Doc

My summary about the book I read:
The book I was reading about told me about this young soldier called Tony he fought in world war 2 in the maori team and he went off to egypt where it was hot and sandy. Tony and the other soldiers were training to become a strong soldier while working in the hot dessert. Tony and his team not only fought against humans but had to fight against the terrible insects that everyday came to the trenches and carried terrible diseases around most of the soldiers. It also told me about what Tony did as a young soldier growing up he got moved around the company’s for example he was in the c company but got moved to the d company where he felt very uncomfortable.

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