Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Curies mission bay recount

On the 7th of JUne huub 8 wentto mission bay for our concept learning and when we came back we wrote a recount about mission bya and what we did there.
Now here is my recount plan and writing.
Who: Hub 8
What: We did lots of collaborative activities.
When: June 7 2016
Where: At Mission Bay
Why: We were learning how to Collaboration Concept.


My Writing:
On the 7th of June hub 8 went to Mission Bay for concept because we were learning to collaborate with different people by doing three collaborative activities and they were a sandcastle competition, rotation of three games and a waka race on the fountain.

Firstly we got into our collaborative groups and chose a area in the sand between a tree and a bin our group chose our space next to shells and near the water. I got a little scared because it was extremely cold and the wind was  about to make me fall to the ground so I thought our sandcastles would have cracks and fall down. One person from our group brought along with him three buckets and two spades but it wasn’t enough for everyone so we had to share the equipment. Our team had agreed on building a huge sandcastle but it was too difficult so we decided to build a little kingdom called the hub 8 kingdom which was fantastic we managed to share the buckets and build three towers in the middle of the kingdom which was the royal castle.  After doing the castle I drew a big circle using a spade and told our group that it was the kingdom, next we built single buildings out of sand and decorated the houses with shells and seaweed. Moments later the teachers announced the winner for the competition and the winner was the group that built the Taniwha which looked amazing.

Eventually after having a good time on the playground the next collaborative activity hub 8 did was a rotation of three different games in our gaurdian groups and the games were beach relays, beach flags and beach soccer, Everyone started with their own  guardian teacher which meant our guardian group went with Whaea Nin and she did relays which were actually running relays meanwhile Mr Stuart’s group was doing beach flags and Mrs Parker’s group were doing soccer. Next we went to Mr Stuart and he was doing beach flags it was very simple somebody put down 5 sticks in the sand and six people lay down on the sand and after he said go we run and garb one stick per person the person that did not get a stick loses. Finally we went to do soccer with Mrs Parker we got split into two groups and played Mrs Parker called out a number and that many people ran out to play.

Lastly we did an amazing waka race on the fountain. Everyone that finished making their waka’s placed their waka on the water carefully and we all pushed the the water to the left to help them move better on the water. After a few minutes most of the wakas were floating upside down while the others were fine.

I felt that this trip was a great way to learn how to collaborate with other people than just our friends, I did enjoy most of the activities except the relay because I didn’t understand how that was collaborative and at the same time I did hurt myself real bad but everything else was awesome.

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