Monday, 20 June 2016

Curies The Butterfly Effect

This time The Pukeko group has been reading a book called The Butterfly effect and we did some tasks about the book. While we read this book we learnt about adverbs and what they are. Adverbs are and descrptive verb that ends with an "ly".
This is my character inference chart about Mrs Anderson a lady in the story:

On Thursday we had to wright the ending of the story in our own way.:
They didn’t mind waiting at all…
Suddenly Emily and Henry heard a zip sound that whooshed theirs minds of waiting they raised the hands nervously to the mysterious cocoon they had sweat all over their faces they could not wait to get rid of this cruel women.

During that most exciting moment Henry had noticed that the toad Mrs Anderson owned was licking a piece of paper on a wrecked book Emily cautiously stepped forward while Henry held his can of fly spray, Gently Emily flipped over the pages and read them quietly until she stopped and she stood there and froze in shock she dropped her can of fly spray and shut her eyes and the last movement was turning around.

At last she tip toed to Henry and whispered to him everything she had read but Henry was confused so he accidentally blurted out “Butterfly?” but after he said that they both heard a loud zip and then they quickly raised the can of fly spray ready to spray it on Mrs Anderson but suddenly the toad started croaking and they accidentally thought it was Mrs Anderson so they sprayed it on the cocoon instead.

Suddenly it became all foggy in the room and Henry covered his face with his hands so he wouldn’t breathe the gas meanwhile he had realised that Emily had disappeared he called out her name softly until she saw her under the bed, Emily had quickly crawled out of the bed.

Until she saw Mrs Anderson’s head popping out so Emily screamed as Mrs anderson bursted out of the cocoon and she was no longer an old lady she was half butterfly and half human but she had her eyebrow down which meant she was angry and surely she was because she shouted at the kids “How dare you two little brutes sneak in my personal private area you little eggs come here right now!” She shouted across the room as she was flying she was starting to destroy the house Emily screamed to Henry “Henry quickly run and grab our precious stuff hurry” SHe said in a mad rush.

By the time they reached outside the house was broken down they saw Mrs Anderson on the ground with broken wings and messy hair they realised she was gone forever they danced around happy but then their parents car was coming back they got scared so they quickly superglued their desks and found their maths books and found a pen and pencil each so they sat pretending that they didn’t see anything but no luck their parents saw poor Mrs Anderson and said to their kids “You two are grounded until you die” They both said grumpily.

The End  
By Curie

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