Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Carmen's mission bay recount

On the 7th of June hub 8 went on a trip to mission bay beach for our concept learning.
Hope you enjoy my recount writing.
What a mission

Intro - 5 w’s + hook
1st paragraph - In the hub waiting
2nd paragraph - On the bus
3rd paragraph - Morning tea
4th paragraph -  Sandcastle comp
5th - Waka race
I did not do the rotations

On the 7th of June hub 8 went to Mission bay beach for our concept learning. We had already planned the trip and wrote a letter to Miss Martin did the E.O.T.C  Ram’s rules and all that.

After getting to school late the bell had rung. Hub 8 was very excited to be going on our trip to Mission bay beach! But the bus was late so we played some games to pass the time. We played 20 questions Boys vs Girls and the girls won.

Soon after the bus finally arrived. We all piled on the bus and we were off to the beach. I was seated next to one of the parents Kyle's Mum I wished I could have sat with Curie but I was right at the back of the line and she was at the front. It took about 10 - 15 minutes to get there.
As soon as we got out of the bus it was already morning tea so everyone got out their morning tea and started to munch on their yummy food. We were allowed to play on the Mission bay playground that had swings and a slide and a baby place.

Time to come off the playground and start making our sand castles for the sandcastle comp my group decided we could make a taniwha design in the sand. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, tools down said Whaea Nin our time was up all of us got to look at each others my team won the comp we all got medals. :)

Finally it was time for the waka race I had been looking forward to this for the whole day. I felt like jumping up and down but I couldn't. We placed our waka’s in the fountain and pushed the water to the left. Turns out Yahya’s waka had won the race.

I had lot’s of fun even with my sore ankle. I liked watching the waka’s in the water but that was the end of our trip I hope we can come again.      
By Carmen

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