Monday, 20 June 2016

The butterfly effect by: Shanya

Butterfly effect
I have been writing a chapter that I wrote for the book butterfly effect by Stephanie Matuku and the character inference chart next to it. I have drawn a picture of Mrs Anderson when she comes out of the cocoon.

Suddenly, the cocoon was shaking and it became pale and dull, it started to open slowly. Emily said  sternly in a shocked voice “Do you think that she will get us, once she has turned into a butterfly.” Then Henry replied “Yes I think so, because she doesn’t like us at all.” The cocoon started shaking even more, then all of a sudden a lady butterfly came out with pink faded wings and a butterfly gray dress. Mrs Anderson said softly and nicely to Emily and Henry  “Come on Henry and Emily I am taking you to the, shops to celebrate my success,”  then they thought how would she go to the shops without anyone knowing that she was a butterfly lady.They both noticed something different about Mrs Anderson. The thing they didn’t know was that once Mrs Anderson had turned into the butterfly she had became nicer,  because butterflies were nice.

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