Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mays next chapter

My reading activity was to write another chapter to the book The Butterfly Effect by Stephanie Mateku. Here is my chapter.

Soon After Emily and Henry used fly spray on the cocoon it started to crumble and then crack then all of a sudden boom boom it burst open.and up into the air went a beautiful butterfly with black and blue wings a black body and a beautiful face with long black hair and she said to Henry and Emily come on let's go and have some fun and you can call me Marry I had to get old to try this experiment so i waited and waited wanting to tell you that I was only grumpy because I had to wait so long to finally look beautiful again so I am so sorry that I was so mean to you here is some gifts to make up for what I did to you.”Oh thank you so much mrs anderson i forgive you”Said emily and henry said “thank you mrs anderson for your Kindness.  


  1. Hi Maya, I like that you have made it a happy ending, I wonder if you would be able to add any adverbs, like we discussed in our reading group to describe the way that some of the characters moved or talked?
    Mrs Parker

  2. Hi Maya - I love all the beautiful words you used to describe this butterfly. I liked also that you put noise into it by using bold text. What it would be good to see next is the editing. Full stops and capital letters etc....Mumso Evans