Monday, 13 June 2016

Mission bay by: Shanya

This is my writing about hub 8's trip to Mission bay.

The magnificent Mission bay trip

On Tuesday we went to Mission bay for concept, because we had decided that we needed to work on collaboration more. The whole hub went to Mission bay on a bus. We did some competitions and sports game.

First I was getting ready with the my group in the hub. The teachers told us that the bus was coming at 10:00 all of us moaned with anger. Finally the bus came on time at 10:00, we were glad. I lined up and started walking down to the bus. I was excited. I sat in the bus next to Ashikka the entire time to Mission bay. We arrived at Mission bay, but as we arrived the wind started howling. All of a sudden the wind stopped and the sun came up. We went and sat on the grass next to the giant playground and ate our morning tea, when I was done I played with some friends, we played tag.

Mr stuart whistled and we sat down again on the grass. We had to move, because the other side of the beach had more sand and that meant we wouldn’t get wet. Finally we reached the other side of the beach. I put my bag down and went into our sandcastle competition group and raced to the beach. We built our sandcastle in 45 minutes. We had  included some seaweed, rocks, twigs, shells and of course sand, we were building a volcano. At the end we didn’t win, it was the taniwha group that won. I was tired, but I knew that we did great. I was really hungry but I had to wait another hour or so.

Next we went back to our bags. I put my socks on and shoes, but then Mr Stuart told us that we had some games rotations, I was furious because I just put my shoes on and cleaned my feet. I took them of and followed Mr Stuart down to the end of the beach. We played beach flags, but I only got 1 stick out of the whole entire race, then we rotated to mrs Parker she was doing beach soccer. I didn’t get a goal, but I was determined to try and get one. The next rotation was when I had no more energy left and I was puffed. It was running relays with whaea Nin. We had to run around Amelie and back it felt like I was running the olympics. It was hard to run in the sand, because it was soft but the shells were sharp. I had to look out where I was going.

After we had some lunch. After we had lunch we moved to the same spot that we were before, next to the playground. During when we were moving I fell down and grassed my knee and the side of my hand. It was sore, I washed it off at the water fountain, I felt better. So when we got there we got to play. We got our wakas and raced of to the fountain. Me and Maddy shared my waka. So we put our waka in the water and it went around the water fountain, but my waka tipped over. As soon as I turned it around the sail had soaked up into the water, then my stick that was holding the sail fall of. It was a disaster. I finally got my waka out of the water fountain and packed up, then we got on the bus and got back to school safely.

I felt happy, sad, furious, excited, hurt and dizzy. That trip to Mission bay was the first trip this year that we had gone out of stonefields to learn. I liked this trip!

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