Monday, 13 June 2016

Pativai's Mission Bay Recount

Mission Bay Trip

On the 7th of June it was a Tuesday morning and it was nice and bright. Hub 8 was going onto a special trip to Mission Bay we were going to build sandcastles and play fun games. We went there because we thought it would be great to collaborate with other people.

First we went onto the bus and off we went to Mission Bay. I got off the bus and then we sat down and ate. After we ate we went to go build our sand castles, we got in our groups and my group was building a waka. We all encouraged everyone to win but my friend’s Aashna’s group won and I was happy for her.

Secondly we got into our guardian groups and went to our guardian teacher and then did our games. I was with Whaea Nin and we were doing relay’s. Our group won but then we moved, onto the next activity and it was called beach flags.

We had to lie on our backs then turn over get up and run, to try and get the batons. There were only five battens but six people so then we played and ran as fast as we could to get them. In my first beach flag race I managed to get one and in my second I managed to get two.

The last rotation was soccer but different. Mrs Parker had to call a number out and then that many people had to run around the outline, of the cones in our first race I was in it and we managed to get an goal in. In my second turn I was goalie then I switched and then they got the goal. Overall the other team won.

We went and ate lunch and after eating we came back into pronounce the people that were being determined and I got the first award. We ran to the playground and started to play on the swings. We played tag then came back in for the boat race. It was exciting although I did not get to bring my boat we cheered on Charlotte’s boat.

We got around the whole fountain and then we watched all the other boats go around it. We got our bags. Faith, Cooper and I did a special thank you to the parents and teachers to thank them for coming and supporting us.

I had a fun time doing all these games and fun activities. I collaborated a lot with my group a although we did not win we felt happy about our sand castle. Having to work with other people was really fun and we ad a lot of encouragement from other teams parents and teachers.

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