Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The butterfly Effect By Charlie

This is my finished chapter of the book The Butterfly Effect.For writing we had to add a chapter to this book because we all though it did not really have an ending. Hope You Enjoy

As the cocoon slowly opened Emily and Henry Both held up there fly spray even higher and They waited and waited and ten seconds after The cocoon cracked open dramatically with a burst of light. Unsurprisingly to Emily and Henry Mrs Anderson was still not very pretty she had improved a little but it was not very noticeable apart from the fact the she now had black and white wings with a whitish gray dress.”Now” Shouted Henry sharply, Emily and Henry both sprayed there fly spray as much as they could till mrs anderson dropped faintly. “Yes”said to herself quietly. “Why?” asked Mrs Anderson weakly “ Why Me? Why Now?”   “Wha  what do you m mean”  Stammered Henry In a confused voice. But Mrs Anderson just stared back politely then she finally said I'm so sorry I was mean I just just ah It was Part of My my my…. Mrs anderson trailed off,  not finishing her sentence. Henry and Emily both knelt down to help mrs anderson up and then helped her sit up right on the chair, and gave her a glass of water.After that she felt much better and explained the whole story to them, Apparently Mrs Anderson had to be mean to them and have a big amount of food to become a butterfly and that she was actually really nice.

The End

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  1. Some fantastic use of adverbs, like we discussed in our lesson Charlie. I particularly like where you say " The cocoon cracked open dramatically" very nice.