Tuesday, 31 January 2017

W2 Day 6 Pativai

Activity 1
Once you have read these phrases you will be ready to leave the airport and head to your hotel. Take a moment and imagine how you might feel if you were standing in the airport in a foreign country and you had to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language. Would you be scared? Would you feel confident? Write a short poem that describes how you might be feeling (i.e. excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc).

Time wise
Doing a lot of fun things

Activity 2
Take a selfie that captures how you might be feeling. I think that I would most likely be feeling .

Bonus Activity
Translate the following five basic travel phrases into Spanish, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Arabic or Afrikaans. Use the Google Translate website to do the translations.
Type the English phrase into the box on the left. Choose the language that you want it translated into on the right and then click the blue ‘Translate’ button. It will translate the English word or phrase into another language. Pretty cool ‘eh?!
Good morning = Ata Pai
Good bye = poroporoaki pai
How much does this cost? = te nui e te reira utu
When is the next bus? = kei hea te pahi i muri
Where is the nearest hospital? = kei hea te hostpital tata
Bonus Activity = 10 points

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