Saturday, 21 January 2017

W4, Day19 -Activity - Vehicle Rides By:Shanya

Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
I would choose the bus ride because you get to look at some interesting villages. Also because it's 45 minutes long so you can take you're time looking at different things. The price is only $8 which is better than the train because the train is 25 min long and it's $12.

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  1. Hi Shanya,

    I think that you've made a really good decision. The bus would allow you to relax and not have to concentrate as you drove from one area to the next. You could look out the window and enjoy the scenery while you contemplated where you wanted to stop and what you wanted to see next.

    I often hop on the bus when I get to a new city in order to drive around and 'get a feel' for the area. If possible, I choose to hop onto a double-decker bus so that I can sit on the top deck and admire the views!

    Have you ever been on a double-decker bus, Shanya?

    Rachel :)