Sunday, 1 January 2017

Week 3 Day 12 Activities By Ashleigh

Day 12 – As Seen on T.V...
Today you wake up and you are feeling quote tired after all of your sightseeing so you decide to spend the day relaxing in front of the TV. When you turn on the TV you decide to scroll through the channels to see what local television programmes and movies are like in your country. You are amazed! In some cases it is pretty different from what is on TV in New Zealand. To see what is popular in your country, click on the links below and watch the video. In some cases, they will be in different languages!
Canada – Caillou – Fun in the Mud [22:02 minutes]
Chile – 31 Minutos – Episode 1 [4:48 minutes]
Germany - Lowenzahn – Episode 1 [1:58 minutes]
Malaysia – Upin & Ipin – Full episode [19:25 minutes]
United Kingdom – Britain’s Got Talent – 2016 Final (Boogie Storm) [6:27 minutes]
Mexico – Maria Belen [1:35 minutes]
South Africa – Pumpkin Patch: Introduction Song [1:00 minute]
United Arab Emirates – iCarly Episode 3 [2:00 minutes]
Japan – Anpanman: Ironman vs. Japanese Ghost [2:47 minutes]

Activity 1
On your blog provide a short review of the video from your country. In your review please tell us:
  1. The name of the television show- iCarly
  2. What you liked about the show- I like the editing especially the corn family were talking.
  3. What you didn’t like about the show- I don't really know what is the show about.
Finally, at the end of the review, give the video a rating out of 5 stars with 5 stars (*****) being amazing and 1 star (*) being terrible ***

Activity 2
Most of us like to watch TV when we have the chance. One of my favourite television shows, at the moment, is called Veep. It’s a show about a woman who becomes the President of the United States. It’s pretty funny! I watch Veep on HBO every Monday night.
What is your favourite television show at the moment? On your blog, tell us the name of your favourite television show and tell us, briefly, what it is about. - Nat Geo Wild This TV show is talking about animals and how they live in the wild.


  1. Haha! I love this activity because I can share one of the funniest shows I saw while I was in Korea. It's called Running Man and it is seriously great. Copy this link into your browser to watch.

    Running man is about a regular crew of comedians and stars vs. famous celebrities in Korea. They play really silly games and I really miss watching it. When I found this example I hadn't seen it in a long time. I think when I go home, I will watch the whole thing haha!

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Mr Barlow!

      I do know this show and I watch the Chinese versions of it here is the link

    2. Haha! That is awesome! I think you might find that the original crew did a season in China. It was very popular. They also do special international episodes, once they visited Australia, and once the Philippines too.

      Keep up the great work,


  2. Hi ashleigh,

    I luvv to watch national geographic wild to and Animal planet there sort of the same but Animal planet has a range of stuff to do with animals. Also I have watched Icarly to but I didn't really like it. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you Shanya!

      I am wondering have watch BBC Earth because there are quite similar

  3. Hi Ashleigh!

    It is the last day so I thought I better say hello one last time. I hope you have enjoyed the Summer Learning Journey and I think you've done a really good job. It has been really cool getting to know you and reading your blogs.

    I truly wish you all the very best for the coming year, and know that you will always do your best at school. It is so cool that you and your classmates joined us to take control of your learning over the summer.

    Keep up that fighting spirit!

    Kia kaha,