Friday, 22 July 2016

3 Olympic sports

Here is my three olympic sports that I have chosen to write about.

  1. A - Canoe Slalom   B - In a Canoe or Kayak, Athletes have to do a 250 m white water obstacle course that includes going through gates and dodging obstacles in the least amount of time possible.  C - Point off for touching the gates and failing to pass through them.     
  2. A - Equestrian  B - In Equestrian the riders have to compete in dressage, jumping and eventing.  C - They have to complete in a certain time and get points off for touching jumps
  3. A - Taekwondo  B - in Taekwondo it is a martial art using the hands and feet.  There are 4 weight classes for both women and men.  C - The player can win the fight by scoring the most points or knocking out their opponent.

By Charlie

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