Saturday, 16 July 2016

Day 3: Activity 1 - description of 1 Olympic game sports By:Shanya


Aim -
Is to try hit the bullseye target from the length of 70m

2 rules -
An archer has 40 seconds to shoot each of their six arrows at a target.
In the finals, an archer has 20 seconds to shoot each of their three arrows at a target.


  1. Hi Shanya,

    Thanks for posting the rules for archery. When I first started learning how to play I thought that it would be simple but, sadly, it is actually really hard to hit the bullseye. You have to train for years and years to learn to do it well and to do it consistently. I wonder how many years our archery athletes have trained for? Speaking of athletes, do you know if we have anyone representing New Zealand at the Rio Olympics who is an archer? I'm not sure if we do and I'd love to know. Do you have time to investigate that for us?

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Sarah Fuller is a female New Zealand recurve archer.

  3. Thanks for adding in this information, Shanya. It gives us a better, fuller picture of who you have profiled in your post. I am going to go and look her up right now! I am also going to do my best to watch her compete in the Rio Olympics.

    Will you have time to watch her compete, as well? I hope so! I'm sure that she can use as much support as she can get.

    Keep up the great blog posting, Shanya!

    Cheers, Rachel