Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pativai's Palm Tree and Snail

The purpose of this was to show what kind od personification and some metophors were in the poem and here is a example of the personification and some metophors are in the poem. This is also showing a example of what kind of effect or the purpose.

WALT: Identify poetic language features
SC: identify and use language features

Poems to Read
Palm Tree by Philippa Werry SJ P4 N1 2009
Snail by John Malone SJ Sept 2011 L3

Complete the below table.
Analyse the poems to find out what language features are used. Find and show examples.
Decide on and justify what purpose or effect these features had on the poem.   

Language Feature
Palm Tree
Hula skirts dancing all by themselves
He is an tank, tough and tenacious, passing over
A metaphor is when you do not use the words like and as. E.G it was a stormy night the wind blew straight through the doors.
A kennel full of shaggy dogs straining on an lead
He is an athlete. In the race to be the slowest he excels
Something or an animal like it is alive.E.G The palm tree danced through the clouds.

  1. Compare and contrast: Explain the difference between a simile and a metaphor.

  1. Both of these poems are filled with metaphors, choose one metaphor from each poem and describe what you think it means for the subject of the poem.

Palm Tree
Metaphor Example
All these things until the clouds darken, the wind gets stronger, the storm gets nearer.
He is a hobo, his worldly goods humped upon his back
Explain what you think it means
I think it means that they are trying to explain what the palm tree looks like when there is some kind of storm.
They are trying to get the reader to know that the snail crawls along with an shell on its back.

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