Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 2 - Activity 2: 3 famous landmarks in New Zealand By: Shanya

Sky tower 
I think that the sky tower is in the top 3 best landmarks in New Zealand. The sky tower is located in Auckland city. The sky tower is one of the tallest building in New Zealand. There are a lot of tourist at the sky tower mainly because of the view. Those were my reasons why I thought that the sky tower was in the top 3 landmarks.

I also think that the beehive is one of New Zealands top 3 landmarks. I personally know because when I went there a lot of tourist were there. It is also known as the parliament house. The beehive is located in Wellington (Capital of New Zealand). These are why I think that it is in the top 3 landmarks.

One tree hill
I also think that one tree hill is in the top 3 landmarks, because it has a great story about it. One tree hill is also located in Auckland. One tree hills maori name is Maungakiekie. One tree hill has been included in a lot of artwork. This is the reason why I think it is in the top 3 landmarks.


  1. I like the landmarks that you have chosen, Shanya. They are all very famous and quite iconic places in New Zealand. Of the three that you have chosen, do you have a personal favourite? I think that mine would have to be One Tree Hill. I often meet up with friends to go for walks through the park at the base of the hill and, if we are feeling energetic, we will also walk right up to the top! My son, Aronui, also loves the park and often asks to go and see the sheep or cows that are grazing there. What about you? Do you have a personal connection to the Sky Tower, Beehive or One Tree Hill?

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. I like the beehive because getting to see where the prime minister has been to was facinating!