Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bonus: Be the inspiration judgment By: Shanya

I like how they explained what the video was about and the words that they used to describe our olympic athletes. I also liked the pictures because it match the words that he was saying.

I think the speaker could have spoken a little bit slower because i couldn't entirely understand what he was trying to say in the beginning.

**** = good movie

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  1. This is a very nice review, Shanya. You have highlighted the aspects of the #Be the Inspiration movie that were well done, identified areas for improvement and rendered a final rating. Good on you!

    I would have also given the movie four stars. I completely agree with you about the speed of the narrative. I also think that the movie could have included a few more images of athletes who are competing for New Zealand in Rio. I think that this would have added a nice touch :)

    Great work, Shanya. Keep it up!!

    Cheers, Rachel