Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bonus - Who is your inspriation By:Shanya

My inspiration would be mum and john achten. I chose my mum because she is a hard worker and she pushes me to stretch myself. I also choose John Achten, because her is a veterinarian by day and a artist by night, also because that's what I want to do when I grow up.


  1. I love reading that you would like to be a veterinarian and an artist. Those are two great professions! I have always loved animals, as well. Do you have a favourite animal, by any chance? My favourite all-time animal would have to be a Golden Retriever dog. Every time I see one, my heart just melts! Both Aronui (my son) and I would love to get a dog but my partner (Andy) thinks that we should wait until Aronui is a bit older. He has just turned six so we're doing to wait until he's in middle school and can help out with the dog chores.

    Speaking of dogs, do you have a family pet? I grew up with dogs but I haven't lived at home for the last fifteen years so I haven't had a pet for a long time! I really miss having one!

    Keep up the great blogging, Shanya. You are currently the top blogger at Stonefields and you are well on your way to earning a great prize. Way to go!


    Rachel :)

  2. My favourite dog would be an husky because they are really intelligent and also because they have a big furry coat to snuggle up with, also because New Zealand is cold.

    1. Hi Shanya,

      How amazing - huskies are my second favourite kind of dog. In fact, our family dog growing up was a husky named 'Tundra.' She was beautiful! She had a very thick coat of fur that was white, silver and black in colour. I can still remember running with her though the snow in our backyard. We lived in Canada where it would get down to -30 degrees Celsius in the winter time. It was sooooo cold! Fortunately, Tundra loved the cold and would even sleep outside sometimes in the middle of winter. It's hard to imagine that, isn't it? Brrrr...

      Thanks for writing back to me. I really enjoy having a chat online!

      Cheers, Rachel