Saturday, 23 July 2016

DAY 6 - Activity 1 Uniform ranking

Here is my new zealand uniform Ratings

My Number 1 uniform is option number 3 Because I think this is the most modern looking.I like the style and I like that the whole women’s outfit is black with a white fern rather than the trousers being a different colour.

My number 2 uniform is option number 2 because  it still has the fern on it but it is a bit big and old fashioned looking.  I also don’t like the combination of the colours on the top of grey, black, and white.  Plus the silver fern is not all white.

My number 3 uniform is option 1 because it doesn’t have the silver fern.  The top looks a bit like they work in a bank not going to the olympics.  I also don’t like the scarf around the ladies.

By Charlie

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