Monday, 18 July 2016

bonus activity no girls allowed

    1. Girls were not allowed to do the same as men they were expected to stay home and do housework and If not then they were working and did the same as men but earned less money because everyone thought t
    2. hat boys were better than girls and to this day girls still earn less money than boys.
    3. To this day most of the inventions we have are made by girls rather than boys.
    4. I read this book with more than 50 girl inventions and how they came up with them  

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    1. Hi Maya! I love the picture that you posted to your blog. Is it the cover of a book? I must admit that I've never come across this particular book before. I would love to know more about it!

      I also love that you took the opportunity to complete another task for the Winter Learning Journey programme. Like you, I believe that the 'No Girls Allowed' rule isn't fair and that both men and women should have equal opportunities to participate in international sporting events. As a girl, I know that we are very capable of doing anything that we put our minds to but am also aware that men are special and very capable in their own right :)

      I hope that you will continue to participate so actively in the blogging programme. I absolutely love reading your posts and 'chatting' with you online over the holidays!

      Cheers, Rachel