Saturday, 23 July 2016

DAY 6 - bonus

I am sitting in the stadium and all the athletes are parading around in their uniforms when suddenly… a giant tried to jump into over the stadium for fun but he missed and ended up landing in the stadium.  The ground shook with a great thud like there was an huge earthquake.  The athletes began to scamper with fear.  I was in the crowd and I started screaming.  Then everyone else in the crowd joined me.  The giant starting blushing with embarrassment.  And then he said to the crowd “calm down, calm down, I come in peace”.  
“How do we know you come in peace?” said a policeman who was in the crowd.  
The giant said “I am sorry, I was just practicing my pole vault over the stadium”.  Ever since he was little the giant wanted to be in the Olympics.
The the policeman said “then why don’t you do the Giant Olympics?”
“Giants don’t have Olympics” said the giant.  Then the children in the crown cheered “Come and do the Olympics with us!”.  All the adults joined in.
Then he blushes for the second time and says “really?”.  After a lot of blushing and cheering the people who were running the Olympics agree.  From that day forward he was on the team and he won a medal every time.

By Charlie

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