Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 2 - Activity 1: Tom and Vinicius summary By: Shanya

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #1 -

They each were chasing a ball that was the colour yellow or blue. They didn't catch it but at the end the 2 people that were chasing those balls meet up and did a handshake.

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #2 -
They were trying to find a house but they didn;t seem to find a house because they disagreed with each other and then they finally found something they both liked. The yellow one sleep on top the tree and the blue one slept in a floating house. But it was uncomfortable for them so they slept somewhere else.

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #3 -
I think that they thought that these 3 lady's wanted to take photos of them and then when the lady said to go back more they fall of the cliff. They did these things kayaking, flying then they had a party.

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  1. You have done a lovely job with this activity, Shanya. You went 'above and beyond' by summarising all three episodes instead of just one. Well done!

    Of the three episodes, did you have a favourite one? I think that my favourite was the first episode as it showed us how the two mascots, Tom and Vinicius, first met and became friends. I found it interesting that they cemented their friendship by shaking hands rather than hugging. In our culture, it seems more common to hug friends rather than shake their hands. Perhaps Tom and Vinicius come from a place where the cultural traditions are a bit different. What do you think?

    I hope that you will continue to do such great work over the holidays. I love reading your posts and I am having a great time blogging with you and the rest of the Perceptive Pukekos.